Canon France Teases New Product

Canon France Teases New Product

Teasing products isn't new, but it's kind of fun to see how companies mix up their strategy. Canon France just posted a picture to their Facebook account with the caption: "Nous allons bientôt partager des infos qui vont changer la façon dont vous regardez le monde..." which translates to: "Soon, we will share information that will change the way you look at the world..."

This photo is pretty odd to me. Not only is the staging strange, but we're missing what appears to be a small camera in the hand of the woman and a ping pong ball. Though probably unrelated, the giant white rectangle that keeps drawing my eye to the center of the photo is really distracting. "Creativity with a Twist" is a purposely vague and amorphous title for the image, which will only make sense when they tell us what the product is. Honestly, they could spin that header for any one of their many product lines.

What do you think? Canon Rumors believes that we'll find out at CES (and I agree) so I'll make sure to bring you the latest news while there in a little over a week. Till then, let's speculate! My random guess? Something involving 3D. Oh and a tilting screen (a twist? Get it?).


[Via Canon France via Canon Rumors]

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Interested to see what it could be.

Looks like a Lytro camera?

Just a compact camera with a tilty-shifty screen.

I'm thinking a compact camera with a twisting body / screen.

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The invisible hamburger.

3D Camcorder?

Am I the only one who is in love with that ping pong table?

Looks like a regular table with a removable net.  Either way, it's awesome.

video camera with live video wireless projection

Maybe it's one of these!  I kid, I kid!

augmentet reality...

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The should get M. Night Shyamalan to endorse it!

let the photoshopping of this image begin...

Whatever it is, it looks like an uncomfortable way to view the world, judging by the woman having to hold her arm up there...

PingPong Bazooka you can hold in one hand!

let's start picture pingpoing.    i have horrible pshop skills, so someone..dl the pic, call it orig, and add 1 unique thing to that image and uploade it to a common area.............person 2 adds another thing and so on.............we can make our own rumors come true!!!      :)