Is Canon Going to Release the Best Mirrorless Camera Ever?

For many photographers, Canon has been the source of a lot of frustration. It seems they've been holding back features and not innovating as much as other companies in the market. Companies like Sony have been pushing things forward with exciting announcements regularly and Canon has been doing pretty much the exact opposite, but is this about to change?

In a recent video from two of my favorite YouTubers, Tony and Chelsea Northrup discuss why they think Canon may or may not release an incredible mirrorless camera. The Northrups discuss what they think Canon is likely to do and both sides of the argument sound very interesting. Over the last few years Canon has not been keeping up and many of their current cameras feel dated. Chelsea describes why she thinks Canon is probably more interested in developing other industries instead of investing further into their camera division. Tony, on the other hand, discusses why he thinks Canon wouldn't risk their bottom line and the camera industry is still far too valuable for them to ignore.

Many Canon shooters including myself are hoping they will release something worth the wait, however considering their track record I'm a little skeptical. What are your thoughts? Do you think Canon is finally going to give their customers what they want?

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David Pavlich's picture

I hope that Canon does release the king of mirror less cameras with a lens line up that would make changing to the system reasonable. I have a 5DIV, but I'm officially a geezer, so for me to change isn't really in the cards. BUT, if the new release is so good that people leave Canon DSLRs to Canon Mirror Less, we old school geezers should find a nice selection of used L lenses at pretty nice prices. :-)

Lionel Fellay's picture

I had a 5D mk III with a big L Lense range and switched to Fujifilm 2 years ago ...

For me It Canon persist in this way ... Canon is dead, the worst thing they did was to launch this absolutely not serious M5 range, It was an insult to the mirrorless market.

I have much more expectation on the new Nikon mirrorless as the Canon one ....

Competition is good for all consumers.

Kaden Classen's picture

I think they'll release a good camera. Not the best, but good enough to contend. Canon can't afford to keep releasing mediocre cameras and they have recognized that. That being said, they just admitted that in the last few months, so it could take a while to actually translate into a good camera.

David Pavlich's picture

Love 'em or hate 'em, Tony Northrup makes a good point that Canon isn't going to release a camera until it's ready to be taken out of the box, battery charged and memory card(s) in place and not work properly.

Ryan Burleson's picture

Canon has been my gear choice for a few decades and reliable, but even I have to say they act like a scared company. Take risks Canon, highly doubt anything “amazing” comes from them, but I would love to see it.

Anand Goteti's picture

I hope canon comes out with something competitive by the year-end, doesn't have to be anything path breaking. Else I will have no option but to shift to sony

Brian Schmittgens's picture

I waited as long as I could and finally switched to the a7RIII a month ago. One of the best gear decisions I've ever made. The Sigma lens adapter has worked perfectly for me, so the switch was basically painless aside from having to spend some time to get skin tones to look the way they do in all my other work.

+1 for this.

Used Canon for 10 years and switched to 2x A7RIII's about 4-5 months ago and also the best gear decision I ever made - I just simply get shots I couldn't get with the 5D, since I shoot in low light almost every shoot (i'm an event photographer), I coulnd't get the shots I wanted out of the 5D.

Also using Sigma with the MC-11 adapter and it works great!

Canon just released a 70-200 III that has anti flare coating and a newer white that they are charging a hefty price for compared to their II. Based on their behavior what makes anyone think they will knock it out of the park with their advanced mirrorless release or that they will change their typical corporate practices of limiting updates or crutching features. You have too much faith than me. They are not hurting enough yet to change their attitude which is what it typically takes for a big boy to reinvent themselves. Right, IBM? Right, Microsoft? Sadly we can only expect a line of mirrorless or a release schedule that dribbles features to the consumer at various price points.

Brian Stricker's picture

On B&H the 70-200 II and III are the same price except there is currently a $300 rebate for the II. Those bastards updated the lens had have the nerve to charge the same...get the pitch forks.

They are not the same price. Look at the street prices.

user-156929's picture

I'm not sure people in the market for those lenses are upset so much about the price but that they didn't bring it in line with Nikon's E version.

Usman Dawood's picture

Canons current mark II is in line with Nikon’s E version. Nikon needed to bring theirs in line for a number of reasons and now they’re very close in performance.

user-156929's picture

Maybe I should have said "exceed". The Nikon G was worse and the E is very slightly better so maybe they are in line. More or less. Given the price differential, Canon's existing, and certainly upgraded, lens is pretty nice! :-)

Usman Dawood's picture

Canon also released an 85mm f1.4 with IS which is an incredible performer. They also released a bunch of new tilt-shift lenses and now have the widest range available on the market which pretty much outperforms most if not all the alternatives. They also provided an update for the 70-200 f4 which is actually a very good update.

Unfortunately, your point isn't really valid in this instance.

So to sum it up: Canon offers the greatest choice in quality glass, while their camera bodies lag behind further and further to the point of being ridiculous.

Canon makes some of the best glass for Sony! XD

Phil Bautista's picture

Canon may have the most diverse selection of lenses but most photographers don't have a goal of collecting all of them. Most of those lenses aren't even in the radar of most photographers, either because of price or niche utility. I love the lenses I already have. Why can't Canon start providing better bodies that match what the competition have to offer? With the way things are going, the day may come when third parties will be making an EF-(insert mirrorless mount of your choice here) adapter that will be so good as to render Canon bodies obsolete.

Usman Dawood's picture

That comment I made was discussing a very specific point from someone else.

Terry Poe's picture

This market report (Software Defined Digital Camera Market Forecast ) forecasts a scenario of software-defined camera (Android, for example) with SDK open for developers. Such device, coupled with the mount of choice, would open proprietary platforms for competition, end crippleware, and make camera bodies compatible to vast holdings of legacy glass.

user-189304's picture

The analytical part of me that comprehends psychology understands the underlying motivation for such speculative pieces.

The subjective part of me can't fathom this at all. Wasting time speculating about what may be.

Usman Dawood's picture

Then you understand why it can be fun and enjoying something isn’t a waste of time.

Best mirrorless ever?

Nope, that would be my Deardorffs or maybe a Sinar F2 or Arca Swiss or Speed Grapic.
They can take over 1,000 different lenses and you never have to worry about the battery shutting the camera down. Focal lengths smaller than 50mm to over 4,000mm are available. Simple to use and versatile. Photographs of prize fighting to exploding dirigables to 500x lifesize stress patterns in titanium rocket motor parts to portraits of the famous and infamous.

Mirrorless is nothing new. Canon even made them in the 1950's.

Usman Dawood's picture

Mirrorless from 1950s vs today aren’t the same thing. We use the term mirrorless to describe a particular kind of digital camera in the current modern context.

Phase one is mirrorless too in some configurations but that’s not what we’re talkign about.

Semantics, I mean come on, I assume you know what’s actually being discussed here.

Why is it considered an OK practice anymore to post content that says hey, look at this other content, but give me the click revenue not the creators? Thanks!

Alex Cooke's picture

The video is embedded specifically so the creators get the views they deserve.

Yet you still get the initial click and Google ad revenue from your page. Keep trying to justify the bad practice though.

Alex Cooke's picture

All due respect, you’re not understanding how ads and embedding work. There’s nothing to justify; this is literally the standard practice across the Internet. YouTube gets their ads when the video plays, the creator gets their views because it’s embedded, and we get to feature content we think is worthwhile; it’s a win-win-win. That’s why YouTube and every major video platform makes their videos embeddable.

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