Canon May Be Planning a 75-Megapixel Mirrorless Camera

Canon May Be Planning a 75-Megapixel Mirrorless Camera

It's clear that Canon intends to bring more bodies into their EOS R mirrorless line. Now, it looks as if an ultra-high-resolution camera may be part of what's in store. 

Canon Rumors is reporting that an EOS R body with just over 75 megapixels is in development. While Canon has the 5DS R, it wasn't until the 80D and subsequent cameras that we saw a marked shift in sensor quality and dynamic range from the company, so it would be quite interesting to see how a high-resolution sensor made with their newer techniques performs.

Looking at the current lens lineup, I can easily believe Canon is planning such a move. The company seems to be aiming for pretty high standards with their RF lenses, and as such, it would be a reasonable move to see them release a body that could take advantage of those optics and give them major bragging rights in the full frame arena. As discussed before, Canon seems to be diverting some additional attention away from DSLR development toward mirrorless development instead, and it's likely that that would specifically be for the replacement body for the 5DS R. One thing is for certain: 2019 is going to be a very exciting year for mirrorless shooters. Head over to Canon Rumors for more on the story. 

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After a brief armistice, the resolution wars began again...

Mehdi R's picture

I Hope they do more with MILC, not like the 5DS R with so much compromises..

Ed Sanford's picture

I hope they build off of the 5DSR, a great instrument.

Mark James's picture

WOW! What will that do to video crop.

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Because they can! ;-)

David Penner's picture

If Sony releases the A9R you will know something big is coming from Canon.

Kurt Hummel's picture

I love my 5dsr but would like to see a few improvements. I’m fine with 50mp 75 would be nice and if we could get 7-8fps, better lowlight ability and two cfast cards. If they do that I’ll pre order immediately.

michaeljin's picture

LOL! I wonder what it's going to cost to create/buy lenses that can resolve that level of detail. Jesus... we've come far, haven't we? :P

Usman Dawood's picture

I’m not sure I’m convinced with this idea of perceptual megapixels. Besides there are plenty of very sharp lenses available for full frame now and the latest lenses for RF mount are supposedly pretty incredible.

michaeljin's picture

A lot of lenses for full frame right (at least on the DSLR end) are dated and struggle on even 30-50MP sensors. I get that the newer lenses coming out are much sharper, but it seems like putting the cart before the horse to release a 75MP body before releasing a good set of lenses that are ready for it.

I'm not talking about "perceptual megapixels" or some other made-up metric here. I'm talking about actually looking at the image 1:1 and seeing the result at native sensor resolution. Neither Canon or Nikon have been refreshing their glass fast enough to really keep up with this increasing resolution on the sensor end (Nikon, especially).

Before anyone goes off about "pixel peeping", people who are in the market for a 75MP camera are generally the type are are looking to be able to squeeze quality from the full resolution of the sensor. If you're not interesting in details at that level, you're usually way better off buying something in the 24MP range anyway.

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If you check out the Canon Rumors story, they mention a bunch of lenses coming along with the body.

michaeljin's picture

Hopefully they're somewhat affordable. I guess we'll see.

Alex Cooke's picture

I hope you have a very loose definition of "somewhat."

michaeljin's picture

Given today's prices, I'm setting the line at $2000 for a prime lens and $2500 for a zoom for it to be considered "somewhat affordable" for high end glass. Of course long telephoto primes are always going to be stupid expensive, but we're talking about the lenses that most people use (between 24mm-200mm).

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For me personally, Canons tilt shift lenses are more than capable with even high-resolution sensors. On that basis, I'm not too worried about resolving abilities. Also with art lenses and Zeiss lenses available especially like the 135mm f2.0 (f1.8) I don't think high-resolution sensors are going to pose any major issues with current lenses.

Having said that I think you make some good points.

Allen Ng's picture

I am going to wait for 100mp...which i have plenty of time. The cameras from 5 to even 8 years shoot fine images. Just like cars from 2008....they all drive very fine by modern standards

Spy Black's picture

If Pete Miller's observations are anything to go by, then perhaps Canon should first concentrate on their EVFs before their sensors...

David Pavlich's picture

If this is so, then the fact that they've introduced such top line lenses with the R makes more sense. Middle of the road lenses won't do well with a high pixel density sensor as has been proven by the 5DsR.

Michael Breitung's picture

After shooting with the 5DsR for a few years now, I have to admit I value Megapixels a lot more than dynamic range ;-) But while 75 mpix sound interesting, this new camera will surely lack many other features again, which most likely will make it a no-buy for me. Unless they include a basic, 30fps uncropped 4k video feature... not even asking for 60fps here ;-)

martina abner's picture

Very cool, I really support new directions in the tech. I have a Foveon and love it, now if canon can do better I'd be really happy.
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Nick B's picture

That's tripling the number of pixels without making the sensors bigger. So that's pixels that'll be 3 times smaller, IE gathering 3 times less light. They're gonna need to be pretty damn good, or there's gonna be a lot of noise. But wasn't the biggest issue with the EOS R the lack of IBIS, especially when two of their native lenses don't have stabilisation ?

g coll's picture

Been using the 5Ds for a while now and when doing fashion i'm often cropping in. Have to say I can always do with more MP.

Rob Davis's picture

Sony is talking about going 16-bit which is a lot more compelling to me even though I don’t shoot Sony.

Usman Dawood's picture

I completely agree. 16bit is much more effective upgrade than having more megapixels. I hope canon offer 16bit.

majid gharamohamadi's picture

new trick for selling more!!!!!?!

Michael Kormos's picture

75mp sounds like a landscape artist's dream! Even if you can only shoot at ISO 50 with a tripod because noise becomes unbearable above ISO 64. Sign me up!

Black Rock's picture

Canon, take my money !