Canon Patents Another Crazy Lens

Canon Patents Another Crazy Lens

Canon has always had some extreme lens designs, but they really kicked things into high gear when they got serious about the mirrorless world. It seems they have no intentions of slowing down, as another patent for a crazy lens has emerged. 

Canon Rumors reported on the new patents recently, which include a 24mm f/1.4L USM DS and 50mm f/1.4L USM DS lens, but the most notable is an RF 135mm f/1.4L USM DS option. The EF 135mm f/2L has long been a favorite of many photographers, but it is well past its prime, particularly being an EF lens, and in the meantime, companies like Sigma have released more modern wide-aperture 135mm lenses. Of course, just because a company files a patent does not mean the product will actually make it to the market, but with the lack of a 135mm option in the RF lineup, I am sure we will see some sort of option soon enough. It is not clear if it will be this particular lens, and if it is, if it will come in a non-DS (defocus smoothing) version as well, but I am sure we will see some sort of 135mm lens eventually. 

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Zdenek Malich's picture

Another exciting rumor has it that Canon had in mind to bring RF 85-135/2 ( or could be 105-135...not sure now about the zoom range rumored) after the release of the RF 28-70/2

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I’m a Nikon dslr shooter and have a Sony a7siii. I’ve been collecting some Sony glass and thinking of being a Sony and Nikon mirrorless system.
That being said I keep really liking what Canon has been doing especially with their RF lenses . I think all the companies are killing it in optics even third party . To set yourself apart you have to push some boundaries. Canon is doing this for sure .

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Hi Troy!

I just got R6 last week and got the adapter for DSLR lenses with variable ND slot in the adapter . Canon really produces some gear which makes me stick with the brand for longer...I tried sony A7 iii, but didnt like it....I am just way to long with canon and getting old I think :D

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I am a Canon shooter. If I became a two-brand shooter, my second brand would be Fujifilm APS-C cameras because they look and feel like a classical camera.

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Canon is one of the top pateneters in thr world. It just means thry sketch up lots of ideas. The number of products they make isn't close to equal to the number of patents they make.

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This is not particularly insane. Nikon has the 105mm f/1.4 on the tiny F-mount (for about $2000), so I think 135mm f/1.4 on a larger mount isn't that crazy, but it would probably cost more than $2000.