Is the Cheapest Samsung Frame TV Worth Your Money?

While many of us hold printing photographs in high regard — myself included — digital displays of photography are becoming more prevalent, affordable, and effective. But is Samsung's range of frame TVs worth your hard-earned cash?

Printing your photography is an essential task for any photographer. It may not seem it, but I truly believe it is. If you haven't ever printed your work, do it. If you have, you may know what I mean. There is a level of gratification that you can't necessarily get from your work in another way.

Now, digital representations of your image typically do not offer that reaction. However, the right digital frame can and it can display your photographs with a punchiness and vibrancy that prints cannot as they do not emit light. Even the best prints I have ever seen — aluminum prints by high-end professional printing companies — can't quite capture what digital can, although I think both have a place.

In this video, Omar Gonzalez walks you through his first impressions of the cheapest option in Samsung's "The Frame" series of television frames. The 32" entry-level unity is just shy of $500 and the most expensive, the 65", is three times that price. It's difficult to tell just how good they are from watching a video as the capture of screens is seldom accurate. It is, however, an interesting prospect.

Do you display your photography using digital devices at all? What are your experiences with it?

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zave smith's picture

I did not watch this video but I want to say, that our 15" digital frame and the 2k family photos that it shares while hanging on our living room wall is one of our most loved and prized possessions. Spending $500 for a larger one, specially if I hooked it up to an Apple TV so that my iPhoto collection seamlessly was displayed, sounds wonderful.