Colorspike: A New Way to Add Color to Your Work

Looking for an easier way to light up your subject in a variety of different ways? The creative duo from Bitbanger Labs that launched the pixelstick is back with a new invention, colorspike. It’s an animation-driven light that with photographers and video shooters alike.

The idea behind colorspike came when the folks at Bitbanger Labs were in search of a creative light that could be able to dial in a ton of interesting effects, great for both photo and video, on-location and in-studio, app-controlled, bright enough to be useful, and the ability to be linked together for a multi-point lighting system. Without anything that could fill all their needs, they spent the last two years into developing their own. Colorspike will come embedded with a rechargeable battery, DC power adapter, and a padded carry case.

With colorspike in your workflow, it aims to simplify changing colors and adding multiple looks quickly for stills, and saving you time while creating tons of visual effects for your video projects. Colorspike is designed to be fully usable without pairing to a mobile device, but to unlock its full potential the companion app is key. The app will be free and compatible with all Bluetooth LE-enabled iOS and Android devices. With the app, you will be able to create patterns from scratch as well as the ability to tweak the existing patterns. If you plan on having multiple colorspikes, the app will be able to connect and control them all wirelessly. Bitbangers isn't stopping there either, they are currently working on adding more functionality to the app with different patterns archetypes such as noise and particles. As a creative, being able to use the colorspike in our own unique way is ideal so they are looking into rounding out accessories and utilities for the light. Accessories like barn doors and a mounting kit can be very useful with these lights. 

Currently, colorspike is on Kickstarter with more than half the goal amount pledged, the project will be only funded if they reach their goal, which doesn’t look like they will have a problem reaching. The campaign ends next month, with the goal of colorspikes being shipped out to backers late March. Sign me up! Make sure to check out the Kickstarter page and check out the full details and more examples

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Michael Holst's picture

Pretty neat! I got rid of my lighting equipment last year because it was way too bulky and heavy and with the advances in hot lights, I've been waiting for something bright enough that can change colors like this. I wonder how it does in a well lit studio.

Bret Hoy's picture

Desperately need one of these. Looks like a HUGE upgrade from the Pixelstick.

neat! seems a lot like the Voyager from Digital Sputnik that just ended on IndieGoGo:

Igor Butskhrikidze's picture

looks very cool!

Bill Larkin's picture

Looks pretty cool :)

Tony Frattle's picture

I mostly work with color now so this seems right up my alley. Awesome design!