Comodo Introduces New Hand-Held Mechanical Gimbal for Video

Comodo, a new member of the MAC Group and manufacturer of advanced camera stabilization systems, has announced the release of their newest camera stabilization device: Orbit. Utilizing advanced engineering in mechanical gimbal technology combined with application of basic physics, Orbit is the first mechanically driven, twin grip gimbal stabilization device of its kind to be introduced to the HDSLR and small camcorder segment of the filmmaking community.


Inspired and designed by award-winning filmmaker, and pioneer of the Single Shot Cinema Shooting Method, Leonard Retel Helmrich, Orbit is the perfect tool for photographers and filmmakers of all levels who want steady and fluid hand-held footage that is easy to capture.





Unlike any other stabilization device currently available, Orbit requires no weights, motors, or batteries in its balancing and operation. This results in a simplified, streamlined, and straightforward way for filmmakers and photographers to utilize the tool within production environments without dedicating large amounts of set-up time to its usage.

This thing looks pretty sweet, and is priced at $1,499 (maybe a bit more than some of you were expecting). You can pre-order it now and/or check out ore information at

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fotique13's picture

I'd rather spend $1,500 on a complete carbon fiber 3 axis brushless gimbal system and get true stabilization.. Oh, wait, I already did.. and it makes this "stabilizer" look like the joke it is.

photographics's picture

where'd you get it?

fotique13's picture

Hong Kong. :)

Phil Bautista's picture

Looks interesting. Does it work like the Movi in the youtube video linked below? Does it have a stabilisation function too or is it more like a motorized head on a handheld platform?

fotique13's picture

Works exactly like the Movi after it's properly balanced and tuned.

Fabian Pourmand's picture

If you can share a video of its functions and movement it would be great.

Fabian Pourmand's picture

Well the video is the Movi which is 10k.. Now the one ebay is about 9k less lol... So there must be some kind of a difference between them..

fotique13's picture

Very little difference, really. Just need to build it yourself when you buy tbe ebay kit. Movi is so overpriced!!

Fabian Pourmand's picture

I agree with it being super over priced!

Alex T.'s picture

Ebay page has some video demo of assembled unit. Look for a non youtube hosted one.

Noam Galai's picture

I thought it will be around $300-500 max. I guess im wrong.

Jayson Carey's picture

It literally only works to stabilize in one direction (tilt front-back), and it doesn't even do that well. Yeah, this is all but useless.

Henrique Cepeda's picture

I prefere my Glidecam

Nicholas gonzalez's picture

This is a great alternative to the movi. I love that it is completely mechanical. Its really more of an alternative to a single handheld steady cam rather than a movi competitor.

fotique13's picture

Comparing this contraption to a Movi is like comparing an F1 car to a gocart.. without a motor.

Dan's picture

This has the exact same stabilization as a fig rig, I don't understand why the video blogs have been promoting this product when it's at that price point.

Brandon Cawood's picture

so the only benefit over a movi type gimbal system is no battery..... The price seems a little high to me.

Lee Christiansen's picture

I have just one word... Steadicam.

Sometimes you don't need to reinvent the wheel when the wheel does such a good job, (unless there's a better shape for the wheel that I don't know about...)

Quality stabilisation doesn't come cheaply or without practice. There is no magic bullet. It always amuses me when our industry tries so hard to replicate techniques - but with the caveat that now we don't need to spend any ££ or learn anything difficult. No wonder everyone thinks they're a filmmaker now.

(I've tried lots of different systems, have shot Steadicam style footage for the Japan World Cup bid video in Tokyo and flown little rigs to full size systems. Tried the fig rigs, watched the complex Movi breakdown on location and amused myself at trade shows with some of the most unbelieveable "Meccano" style assemblies that proliferate around... The video world has got to make you smile at times...)

knoptop's picture

I don't understand what this device is doing.. the demo at the end of the video made it look like you balance everything so it'll function like a fig rig or other fixed hand rig.

Nursultan Tulyakbay's picture

Here is the link that shows it in action

Methinks Jaron would have probably held back some of his praise had he watched this video.