Contest Entry: Zach And Corinne Are Back

A few days ago I posted a video this duo created to help all the haters understand that expensive gear does not equal quality pictures. Well Zach And Corinne are back at it again with their contest entry. I was hoping for something a bit more in depth from these guys but they packed some quality into 3 minutes.

BTS Photoshoot from Zach Andrews on Vimeo.

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Another great video...thanks for sharing Zach and Connie! I am excited to see more of your great videos. Very nice end shots BTW.

Very nice video! Great location, clear HD video. Great job! The final pictures are well done, sharp as hell and exposure is just perfect. I really want to get this AB Beauty Dish soon!!! :) But the shipping of that equipment in Canada worth more than the Beauty Dish itself!! Mouahhha

Great video. Honestly, I was more impressed with what I saw in this video than what I saw in the Richie Thomassen video above. Great work guys. Simple two light set up (one being the sun) and really great images.

Nice finished product for a one light shoot.

Great video -- check the referenced flickr site for more wonderful images