Different, But Still the Same: Sony Announces the FS5 II

Different, But Still the Same: Sony Announces the FS5 II

It seems that Sony is taking the lazy route on its new professional camcorder. The FS5 II comes with the same S35 sensor as the Mark I version and only offers improved color rendition.

Besides that, the shape, ergonomics, and specifications are nearly identical. With an expected price of $4,700, this professional camera only records internally in 8 bits with a maximum resolution and frame rate of 4K at 30p. The XAVC-S 8-bit codec maxes out at 100 Mbps, which is very disappointing considering that the pro-sumer Panasonic GH5 from last year can do 4K internally at 150 mbps in 10 bits.

Add an external recorder, and the FS5 II can film in 4K at 60p and 4K DCI in raw. Slow motion lovers will notice that the camera is capable of 4K raw at 120 fps, but for short bursts of only four seconds. Lower the resolution to 1080 and you can record an eight-second burst at 240 fps (stored in 10 bits).

In the end, the major difference may come from the new color profile borrowed from the high-end VENICE camera. Hopefully, this new profile will deliver better skin tones compared the "radioactive" colors of the FS5.

Some will say this Mark II model is just a firmware update with new stickers and labels on the camera body. That may be true, but at least Sony has the decency to price the FS5 II at the same level as the FS5.

Let’s wait for the first independent reviews; but at this point, this release doesn’t promise much for the future Sony A7S III camera.

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Pat Black's picture

Let me know how that 1.74 crop factor treats you with your 5d4, Or how Focus peaking, zebra, false colors or slow motion is working on it? unless you are talking about the c700.. which in that case you are comparing a 30,000 dollar camera to a sub 5,000 dollar camera.
But the fs5ii does offer PRORESS 4k 60 with an external monitor whee the c700 tops out at 4k 30 despite still being 24,000 dollars more. and thats with out the OLDED viewfinder.

Spy Black's picture

More incentive to buy something like the new butt ugly BlackMagic pocket camera instead...

Bert McLendon's picture

That thing looks dope, you know you love it. =P

Spy Black's picture

That certainly does not LOOK dope, however the specs (at least on paper) are certainly dope.

Oliver Kmia's picture

It's not a big upgrade but this Mark II costs exactly the same than the "old" Mark I so it's a fair move from Sony. Unlike some Canon releases (the C200 was actually surprisingly good), they don't try to recycle old tech and charge premium price for nothing. It's not an ambitious product but the price is set accordingly.

Spy Black's picture

I was referring to the BlackMagic camera. :-) There's WAY too much competition in this arena for Sony to be sitting on their ass and giving this unit nothing more than a mild update. That toy BM camera is a perfect example, and that's the bottom of the barrel, so to speak. ;-)