Sony a9 Camera Receives Firmware Update 2.00

Sony a9 Camera Receives Firmware Update 2.00

Today Sony has released a version 2.00 firmware update for its a9 mirrorless cameras. The enhancements and added functions include changes to the continuous autofocus system as well as metadata input and image protection.

The continuous autofocusing system gains a performance increase in following moving subjects and also stability while zooming.

The 2.00 update offers the ability to assign a custom key for protecting images. Once protected in version 2.00 (or higher in the future), the user can now transfer all these protected files at once via FTP.

The new firmware can now input IPTC metadata to image files when created beforehand with the IPTC Metadata Preset software. Another helpful change for multi-camera event coverage is the a9’s serial number will now be written to the metadata.

Below is a list of all the improvements made in firmware update 2.00. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of video improvements yet in the form of added picture profiles, something that outraged many potential buyers around the time of the a9’s announcement.

Continuous AF Enhancements:

  • Enhanced performance of continuous autofocus on moving subjects
  • Enhanced stability of the AF-C when zooming

Added Functions:

  • Adds the function to assign Protecting images to custom Key
  • Adds the function to transfer (FTP) protected files at once (Note: Only for images protected using version 2.00 or higher.)
  • Displays wired LAN MAC address
  • Inputs IPTC metadata to files (Note: IPTC information must be created beforehand using the IPTC Metadata Preset software.)
  • Inputs camera serial number to metadata

Other Improvements:

  • Improves operational stability
  • Improves accuracy of the overheating warning function

You can check out a couple of my previous write-ups on the Sony a9 including my first impressions on the $4,498 sports camera and also how it fared photographing birds and wildlife.

Firmware version 2.00 is available now to download for macOS and Windows computers directly on the Sony website.

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Pedro Pulido's picture

Good on Sony to release a new firmware this quick. However, this is miles away from what Fujifilm releases every now and then.
the 3 big brands Canon, Nikon and Sony should definitely have a look at what fuji does with firmware updates. For sure that's one of the reasons why fujifilm clients stick with their gear.

Ryan Mense's picture

That's true, Fujifilm is that champion of firmware releases. One thing to consider is that these a9s, D5s, and 1DXs of the world need firmware releases that are *absolutely* rock solid. Of course every firmware release should be bug free, but I think the standard for these cameras should be next to none due to their high stakes professional use (and the price you pay for them). I can see the a9 having a slower update schedule from this.

Pedro Pulido's picture

Agree! but if Fujifilm can produce firmware with 50% improvement in focus, and stuff like adding 4K to the X-pro2, then the A9 firmware (specially in such an expensive and top notch camera) should be able to show great improvements!

Well, either Fuji wasn't able to get the performance right in a first try, or they purposedly did so to be able to deliver an update to satisfy buyers.
A 50% improvement means to me that they didn't engineer to the full potential.

Pedro Pulido's picture

or it means they created a great product and later found out how to improve it. i think that is a very narrow vision of the great effort fuji puts into firmware updates. Also, they're the only manufacturer releasing updates for older models (T1, Pro-1, etc). Please tell me when was the last update for the Canon 5D III or the Nikon D810 ??

I am not convinced. Being a scientist and engineer, I believe that small improvements are possible all the time. A 50% improvement, however, means, that one didn't understand the technology appropriately. It is not like they only were able to improve for a short amount of time. This has nothing to do with other useful updates, like relating the improvement of the menus, apps. etc.

Pedro Pulido's picture

fair opinion.
The last major update from fuji updated auto focus making it 50% faster only in AF-C mode.
I have a different way to look into it. They released a great camera and might not have had the time for R&D due to release dates of new models. As we all know, the photography market is like the computer market at the moment - in constant evolution.
Therefore, it does not surprise me that they release a great camera and later on they find the time to develop and improve.
Yes, i do agree there is a part of marketing in it, but this is actually really smart because it keeps their costumers happy and faithful.
If they're releasing a fully developed product or if they're hidding features doesn't really matter to me.
As a marketing manager, i'm not looking it the science behind it. i'm looking at how they market their products and keep their costumers happy.
And in that area, Nikon, Canon and Sony are failing when compared to Fujifilm.

Oliver Kmia's picture

Now we need S-Log on the A9

For the reals though, I’m shocked Sony didn’t make an a9ii just for this stuff.

Next week people are going to discover hidden "Features" in the update...

1. improved AFC will no longer focus on brides with white dresses.
2. Overheating warning now triggers every 10 minutes unless it's really cold out.
3. Images protected with new custom key assignment can NEVER be deleted.
4. The night sky no longer has any stars due to further enhanced noise reduction.