DigitalRev Allegedly Selling Used Cameras As New, And Are Yet To Issue A Response

DigitalRev Allegedly Selling Used Cameras As New, And Are Yet To Issue A Response

Rob Dunlop, creative director and brains behind, just posted an interesting and also somewhat humorous account of his purchase of a Canon 5d Mark III through Rob, spurred on by a series of bizarre coincidences, ended up doing some research on his new camera, only to find that it had not only been used, but used somewhat extensively by DigitalRev to create a review.

Rob, excited to get his hands on a new release, ordered the Canon 5d Mark III through DigitalRev (yep, that DigitalRev, beloved by everyone for their humorous, candid reviews) a few months ago, and immediately noticed a few things wrong with his purchase. The body came in a box that was designated for a camera and a lens, and the body had somehow been used to take roughly 60 images. While not an exorbitant number of pictures, Rob notes that it was a bit fishy, but chalked it up to Canon perhaps testing the body before sending it over to be sold, which would be a perfectly reasonable explanation.

Not really thinking too much of it, Rob continued on his merry way for a few months. It was just recently, however, that he discovered the website, which allows you to input your camera's serial number in order to prevent and track occurrences of theft. StolenCameraFinder works by comparing the serial number in your cameras metadata with other images on the internet, and if a positive match is found, it will notify you of where that image is located.

Just looking to kill some time, Rob punched his cameras' serial numbers into the website. On his first camera, there was no fuss. But his second camera's serial number came back with, strangely, one positive match. Which was, lo and behold, a shot taken by Kai of DigitalRev while putting together their 5d Mark III video review. Check out these action shots of Rob's 5d Mark III being used around the streets of Hong Kong with the protective LCD cover still on the camera:

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 6.54.42 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 6.56.28 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 6.57.16 PM

Rob started to piece together the puzzle, and before long, he knew more than he ever wanted about his camera's previous owner, including its 'history' of being used in the rain, being far too close to private parts, and the specific scenes that it was used to shoot and film.

To check out the entire exposé, which is rather humorously put together, head over to Rob's blog, which can be found here. We are eagerly awaiting a response from DigitalRev regarding this whole situation, and will update the post as soon as we learn more.

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Des Moines customer's picture

Reading this is like Fox News grasping at straws to report. Who cares. 60 exposures. That's about 3 rolls of film back in the day. Move on, forget about it. 

Mike Kelley's picture

"...and also somewhat humorous account of his purchase..."

It's kinda funny. It's not going to sink a company or ruin lives.

Spy Black's picture

 I hate to break it to you, but B&H and Adorama have been doing this for decades.

 B&H rubs cameras against their balls?

Spy Black's picture

 Funny, but no, they've been reselling returned items as new for decades.

 Bh and adorama have been doing it for so long .. just  never get caught on video

Charlie Boucher's picture

bullcrap... its still used . If id payed that much for new, I'd expect it to be new. Have you seen the show and how they handle all the gear?

Yeah! And what about this kind of "used":

It's USED, YOU are an idiot. Comparison to Fox News is nonsensical. You'd be fine with shelling out full money for a 5DmIII and it having been used? And not just in a studio.


Alvin Delos Reyes Montgomery's picture

woah! now that's gonna leave a mark...

Stavro Snegovol's picture

 haha :)

Relzlife Ho-Shing's picture

well played

TK 375's picture

I just wasted 2 minutes of my time reading this. 

Nicolás Belazaras's picture

And wasted 2 more writing this shitty comment...

stop wasting time and fxxx off

The screen shot of the DigitRev product list says "New Arrival"....NOT new product.  Maybe Mr Dunlop should pay more attention to what he's buying....

Simon Pollock's picture

I reckon we'll prob see a reply from DR after Chinese New Year.....

Rob can piss off. He ordered something from China and he got mostly what he ordered. Damn crybaby. 

RUSS's picture

lol DAMN! All the haters are out in force tonight!

Mike, good find of a story rob, :) keep them coming

All you hater trolls shut the hell up! :)~

Noam Galai's picture

People like to hate... its not new. 
This is a crazy story, and really want to hear the explanation for it. thats NOT OK do to! 

I TRULY love the fools that think this is no big deal. I'll tell you what, that next car you buy, I'll sell it to you, as new. First I'll TEST DRIVE it though, my way. 

Not new or not when something is sold as new then it MUST BE ACTUALLY UNUSED AND NEW. This should have been sold as a demo, not as brand new.

Vincent Balmont's picture

every new car does not have 00000000kms
they have 1-2kms on each car, this is about the same as 60 frames imo, u think the cars on the showroom floor that u take for a test ride are sold as demo stock?

 ya, but the point being, he said i'll test drive it, "MY WAY"... lets say you are about to buy a car.. and wait, someone is in line before you.. he test drives, revs it up to 70mph.. cuts corners like nothing, you can hear the TIRES screeching.. the ware on the axle is in your head.. he comes down the straight away, pushing hear the wear on the engine, comes to a complete STOP BURNING THE BREAKS... he gets out.. "nah i dont want it..but its a cool car" the salesman goes to you.. ,"Hello sir, are you interested in this car, we do not have anymore in stock but we still have this one at full price still".   

would you still buy it at full price? didnt think so.

believe it or not, people in the world expect to buy something at full price new... a product that actually is brand new

One last thing though. When you order a camera from a non-authorized seller or from an overseas seller you are going to get a gray market product. In the case with DR you get that and a used one to boot. We learned this many years ago and learned it during the shipping of our camera. When it arrived we confirmed the Nikon to be gray market and not covered by US warranty. We contacted seller, insisted upon refund upon the return of the camera to them which we did not use at all. We informed them that if they didn't agree and cover return shipping we'd force chargeback via the CC company. They agreed, we never purchased from them again. Since they agreed I don't drag their name thru the mud. Used is used. Gray is gray. Buyer beware.

That's not how it works, you should read the warranty info on their site which explains it all.

That IS how it works. I'm in US, when I buy from them I don't get a US market camera, I get a HK, or Asia, market camera. I've PERSONALLY lived this gray market crap. Yes, DR will warranty your product and we've seen right here in this story how that all works.

Vincent Balmont's picture

i buy everything gray market as it is about 45% cheaper then australia, they all come with 1 year warranty and my credit card extends the warranty by another year

Thomas Shue's picture

Fn Lame!   Shame on you Digital Rev!

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