Enjoy A No-Slip Finger Grip With Shutter Button Sticker Called "ProDot"

Enjoy A No-Slip Finger Grip With Shutter Button Sticker Called "ProDot"

Every photograph that is taken with a traditional camera is more than likely going to require you to depress it's shutter button. If you're an action or wildlife shooter, you may have one of those super-fast trigger fingers where you lie in wait for the moment of the perfect shot. This little Kickstarter item might just give your fingers that extra edge for a faster push and better grip on it. Video inside!

From the ProDot Kickstarter page:
Hello Kickstarters! We are thrilled to introduce the Custom SLR ProDot, a textured, press-on dot that easily adheres to the camera shutter button, which instantly makes the shutter more responsive and helps reduce camera shake and finger fatigue when capturing photos. Photographers are constantly in search of more precision and control from their DSLR’s shutter release, and the ProDot’s textured surface and raised button-padding will allow for a more ergonomic feel and an instant improvement to the most critical engagement point of the camera, its shutter button.

The ProDot comes in Black, Red, and Clear. Their Kickstarter page is selling a 3-set for a $15 donation, with expected shipping in December of 2012 if they reach their goal.

As someone who has been in some very hot and humid shoot environments, I've had my finger slip a bit while getting moist from perspiration and moisture in the air, so I could see how this might be useful. Let me what you think of this product in the comments, and if there are other small items that you use on a regular basis that make your life easier as a shooter (a personal favorite of mine is the MicroMuff!) throw up a link or two.

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WOW this is really amazing, I'm waiting for this al my life and now it,s finally there!
This is really gonna change the industry!!

WOW ! This will enhance my shooting experience and make me capture better photos ( Can't wait for this to happen )

WOW ! It's made from vibration free material, that reduces shaking and improves comfort ( Im so nervous before shooting. Thank god for this invention )

WOW ! It has the word "Pro" before "Dot" ( I buy anything labeled Pro )

Im conned. I'll take a box.

I've shot in some miserable conditions and never have I had a problem with my finger slipping off the shutter, even in gloves. And did they really just claim that this product will make the shutter button stroke shorter? Because that's the only way I can think to reduce "lag" with only dealing directly with the shutter button, tha@dbvirago:disqus  or reducing the friction. CSLR, I wish you the best but don't let your self become a gimmick product company.

Kinda like a "soft shutter" on a rangefinders (which worked very well at stabilizing handheld shots). Only thing is that rangefinders didn't have auto focus. It might get annoying if you're blasting off shots when just trying to focus your camera.    

RUSS's picture

Not something I would buy.
But it's just odd enough for a select group of people to buy a bunch of them.
Will be interesting to see if it is a hit or not.

BRB, gonna remap halfshutter to call("release") in Magic Lantern.

No wait, it will still be too slow, because we still need to start metering...

Conclusion: get a RED Epic and shoot video.

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who is having a problem pushing any of their buttons?!?! back to the drawing board

 Hi guys,

There are some reviews of the ProDot and it's promising:

CNET: http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-6501_7-57549224-95/trick-out-your-cameras-s...

PopPhoto: http://www.popphoto.com/gear/2012/11/first-impressions-c-slr-prodot-shut...

At this point anything to help me get through a 10hr day of paid shooting is worth it.



Man the guy in the video is totally creepy... let alone a gadget that does nothing. How many people have missed a shot because the have lack of sensory in their fingers. 

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Lord knows as a shooter, i've missed thousands of shots because i couldn't find/remember where the shutter button was. And ruined countless other photos from the vibration caused by pressing down on it a little too hard, resulting in completely blurry pictures.

Sound like a good business idea along with the high price tag for a piece of rubber no bigger than a Smartee? Yeah, same here. (Good luck though, i hope it's a success- though i'll stick with remembering that the big round button underneath my index finger is the shutter button. :)

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this actually seems great. for certain applications, ie. winter sports..... ie. hockey.  being trapped in a rink for one game, or countless hours shooting a tournement, this will make it so you can feel your shutter button with almost any glove. my problem over the years has been finding a glove thats thin enough to feel the shutter and stay kind of warm and eventually loose dexterity over the hours, or a thick glove and cross my fingers on every shot. hopefully problem solved