The Evolution of Cameras Shown Through 11 Unique Portraits

Cooperative of Photography has brought us this slick little video that gives us a taste of the evolution of camera technology from the past 200 years condensed down into a sub-two minute demonstration. Austrian photographer Leo Rosas executes this project with a single model and 11 portraits, each representing a significant milestone in the development of photographic capture tools starting with the pinhole camera obscura, all the way to the modern cell phone.

Note that these portraits are based on the historical cameras, and most are not taken on their actual representative equipment. While I would have liked to have seen each image actually taken on their actual real-life respective cameras, I can understand the reasons for not doing so. Some of those extremely old cameras have chemistry and practical tech that are very specialized, and even if you do know how to use them, the project can become prohibitively expensive and time consuming. With that said, the Photoshop effects are extremely well-done and convincing. I suggest enjoying the video for what it is instead of focusing on what it isn't.

Taking cue from the video: What is your favorite era, and why? Which style and look do you connect with the most?

Check out more of Leo's work at his website, on Facebook, Twitter500px, Flickr, and Instagram.

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Great video !
According to me, the Leica 35mm for sure :p

Felix Wu's picture

Thanks for the video. How it occurs to me in DSLR era we tend to over-light things extensively, rim this rim that and we have a very complicated lighting setup only to produce a "commercial/fake" look. I like the classic look. ^^

Ann Ogm's picture

definitely Leica 35mm :)

Tim Foster's picture

So, basically a tour of 11 Photoshop filters.

Sean Molin's picture

I wrote an entire paragraph addressing this point.

Tyler Yates's picture

My favorite is the Leica 33mm. Classic