Fake Nikon Gear Alert! D7000 MB-D11 Knockoff

A few months ago I purchased a Nikon D7000 and MB-D11 battery grip from Amazon.com. The order was fulfilled by ANATOLIAN BOOKSTORE, INC and two days ago I figured out that this grip is actually a fake. Check out the full post to see high res images from every angle of this grip.

Once I figured out that this grip was fake I started searching the internet and I found this exact grip WITHOUT Nikon branding on Amazon made by "Neewer". This grip only costs $42.00 (which is quite a good deal). If you have been sold any fake gear, let us know in the comments below.

Youtube version:

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SF's picture

I saw these 42 dollar knock-offs all over eBay last week and I wondered if it's safe to use with my camera.

Lee Morris's picture

with Nikon branding?

SF's picture

No branding I think. Actually, I didn't look closely at it but I do remember the price of the MB-D11 to be about 60 or 70 dollars including a battery.

HoMan Cheung's picture

I wonder how the boxes were, i mean could this be a case of someone buying a real MBD11 and then selling off their old grip as the genuine article, in a real box with warranty and manuals, maybe even the case.

Brian Li's picture

the design on the box is slightly different, see the big MBD11 is a similar but slightly different font.. and the pouch has a different fabric.. which means everything was re-made and designed completely, except maybe the manual, that would be just too crazy!

oh man! that sucks

Jon Diener's picture

Sorry to hear about your experience with the fake goods.  Hopefully, you were able to get a refund.

I just bought the Neewer D7000 grip (actually arrived in today's mail) from Amazon, based on the mostly positive reviews.  I really couldn't afford the MB-D11 grip at over $200. I had a Zeikos grip for my D300 which I had to send back for a replacement due to some issues with it. But the replacement worked fine ever since. I think that grip ran about $75 a couple years ago.

Kevin Garrison's picture

I can say, from experience in selling products like this for cars a lonnnng time ago - it gets super risky for manufacturers to brand fakes.  You'd think that with the prevalence of it that everyone's doing it, but they're not.  It's just a few major factories that are very secretive about it.  Raids occur all the time when Chinese factories are creating branded fakes.  But if they're unbranded, there's much less risk of any retribution.

Golgo Thirteen's picture

I guess what we can all learn here is to not shoot Nikon. Hehe

yes - i once bought some fake goods. i was looking for some batteries for my 7D. i found a place on ebay that was selling two batts and one grip. i didn't trust them, so i actually went back and found the part numbers and did a search on amazon again with those part numbers and the same item appeared. i looked at their pictures i even tried comparing them from ones i found online, and they looked okay. it even had the battery part number on the boxes and the grip seemed legit. once i got it, same thing, the wheel to screw on the camera was very lose, the trigger button seemed very stiff, i couldn't feel when the camera focused and shot. i hated it. i emailed the seller and they tried sending me a replacement, but i told them i wanted my money back instead. (granted, i knew it couldn't be real, the whole thing was selling for $80, the 1 batt alone is $60) long story short, i finally got my money back and sent those things back to them. never again, i know the real things can be pricey, but i figure they are investments, and i want to feel comfortable at night knowing they'll work the next morning. 

James Webster's picture

just curious, did you approach Amazon about the fake and if so what was their response?

Lee Morris's picture

I literally just asked to return it and the automated system just gave me a return label. Not sure I'll ever get to speak to a human but I should get my money back. 

Rich Kim's picture

you should call amazon and report them.
amazon is VERY VERY VERY good about their A to Z buyer's protection policy and they don't tolerate fakes...
sorry you had to deal with this bullshit!

Seshan's picture

I bought the cheep knock off for $50 for my D7000, I really just wanted it for the extra battery life, it works fine, 

Is the knock off you bought made of metal? I believe the real one is.

Robert Simpson's picture

So, how can I be sure you're the real Lee Morris .... ? :)

I'll bet your local B&H boys have got a big grin on their faces right now. Thanks for the video, Lee ... I'd hate to think how many people would have bought this item and been none the wiser without your keen eye.

Lee Morris's picture

The real Lee Morris has the patented "too lazy to shave" facial hair. Don't be fooled by imitations. 

Nick Shek's picture

Good work Lee, you're a valuable member of Team Nikon.

grimmy west's picture

yikes, here I am sat and wondering if my Nikon D7000 is in fact the real thing. my pictures are still not as amazing 

Chris Boyd's picture

Just curious... have you contacted Nikon? That would be my first move, and give them them the "serial number". I'd be interested in their response. I would hope they would make efforts to track down and stop the sale of fakes.

Lee Morris's picture

Yes I called them before making the video. They said it was probably fake but the girl I spoke with didn't really seem to care. It's just like any big organization, she was just paid to help people figure out their cameras and I'm sure she has no connection to those who would care about this fake grip. 

Anonymous's picture

They'll soon care if this goes viral..

Tran-Shawn Yu's picture

That's why when I buy stuff on Amazon, I only buy if it's FROM Amazon, (or Adorama through Amazon)... otherwise I just wait or buy elsewhere.....   A lot of people don't realize Amazon also works as a marketplace for other vendors, and sometimes those other vendors aren't so legit.

Kewal Rai's picture

I'd actually purchased a MB-D10 few mths back from ebay and was really ecstatic since I won the bid for $200. But after seeing this video, my suspicions grew and checked. And yes, found out my purchase was a fake. Pretty infuriated(though it works really well) cos of being cheated. Went back to ebay to email the seller, found out he has stopped selling for few weeks now. Have mssged him(just giving him the benefit of the doubt and seeing if he does reply), so lets see how this unfolds. Fingers crossed that I can get back a refund.

Lesson Learned Don't Buy on AMAZON From now on?? 

Wrong. Amazon is the BEST online retailer there is but make sure it says FULFILLED BY AMAZON. @RLMorrisPhoto:disqus you should of waited for Amazon to stock it. Case in point - I bought a D7k from AMAZON I got it next day it was defective. FOR FREE they overnighted me a brand new one and are giving me 30 days to return the other one to them. This is how they do business, B&H or Adorama wouldn't do that. They would say "Bring it to Nikon" - plus they close on Friday and Saturdays AMAZON never closes. 

Tran-Shawn Yu's picture

EXACTLY my point, make sure its sold BY amazon, not THROUGH amazon. 

no other camera store online has the same awesome customer support that amazon has...  assuming you purchased from amazon.

Kishore's picture

my d7000 is not taking good pictures like chase jarvis's
wonder if its fake :p

Patrick Hall's picture

It probably is then.  All great images come from the most expensive true gear ;)

Exactly... just ask Nikon's facebook team!

stefanosl's picture

The only "real" difference that i spotted is on the bottom of the grip, on the right, where the real has the joint in the middle and the fake has it on the bottom. Other than that, the differences is only on the "feel" of the materials as far as i can say...
Scary stuff.........

Really sorry for what happened, tho. They are so identical!

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