Faster Sony S Series XQD Cards

Faster Sony S Series XQD Cards

Sony just announced a new S Series XQD card that increases the speed of the card to 168MB/s -- that's just past the limit of the compact flash card.

At 64GB, the card also doubles the original series' capacity. The 64GB card is due out this month, where a 32GB version will be released in the fall.

Still, can anyone think of an in-camera use for a faster card? And do you think it's really worth whatever the extra expense might be just to be able to transfer files a little bit faster? Before you decide, one neat feature of the 64GB capacity is that it'll allow 10fps continuous shooting of an entire 100m sprint (Olympics anyone?).

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Crap! I just bought two new 16GB XQD cards. Oh well, beats waiting for the fall. I'm really hoping XQD will catch on and the prices will fall. Hopefully, Sony will start to use the new cards in their cameras. I love my D4, but the XQD is a bit of a pain. I'd much rather have two compact flash, but that subject has been debated already. Glad to see faster cards coming.

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While I still use CF cards w/my D4, I keep one XQD loaded at all times just as a backup.  I do love the way they fit in when loading.  Much smoother than CF cards.  I'm not concerned about speed since I rarely shoot bursts, and almost never any video, so I'll probably hang on to the dozen CF cards I have for a while.

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I would love to see some competition in the market.

Need these cards ASAP please.  Any idea of Price yet?

thanks for response way back then !

Pleasure. Did you get it?

Yes Darren, $$$ ouch but got to have it !

Its awesome! A pity that it's not widely adopted yet.

Ordered two. Can't wait to receive these bad boys.

Double entry