First Sony, Now JVC with a New Action Cam

After Sony's teaser, JVC's new action cam, the GC-XA1 Adixxion, seems to want the action camera market all to themselves. Full HD, a 1.5" screen, and 5x zoom will come standard on most of these kinds of devices. But what sets this apart? How about the shock-, water-, dust-, and freeze-proof housing that it's in? Or the standard Wifi included?

The new JVC action cam will cost $350 and is due out late this summer. In the mean time, check out the video (there are a bunch more on Youtube) and pics below.

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Sorry, but I doubt anything will ever compete with GoPro. 
The screen is useless for the most part. The majority of people who use action cameras film from a first person perspective. Trying to use a 1.5inch screen as the "viewfinder" can't be easy considering action film uses low and or wide angle so you have to be close to the "trick." I can't imagine anyone wanting to watch playback on it either; better saved for the computer. 
In the end, it's the GoPro's simplicity with optional add on features that makes it the industry standard for first person p.o.v. filming.

GoPro, like Cannon is a personal preference. I am very happy with my Contour (and Nikons). There is a reason to have a viewfinder however and that is camera setup. I don't know how many times my daughter went riding and came back with pictures of the ground or the sky.

I think you're missing the point of the screen entirely. It would be most useful for setting up the angle of the shot and for checking playback without needing a computer present. One would think that if they'd designed it as a viewfinder it wouldn't be on the side on the camera.

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 Checking the angle of the camera as it is strapped to your helmet on your head. would be near impossible.

You do realise that people mount these sorts of cameras on a wide range of surfaces. Just like the GoPro/Contour and others they're not just a helmet camera.
Besides, if they are using it as a helmet cam that they may have someone else adjusting the camera on their behalf.

 Plus with the built in WIFI, you can see what the camera sees on your cell phone and make your adjustments.

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its all about the FPS - the only thing that will knock the GoPro off its throne is someone delivering a killer step up in FPS. As far as I can see neither sony or JVC have published their figures yet, I'm guessing that because they are just matching and not beating any so far

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I love the fact that it doesn't need a separate housing.

Obviously no one is going to try to use the viewfinder while shooting, that it's strictly for review and setup.

Built in WiFi is awesome - does it have GPS tracking too?  A lot to ask but would be the cherry

Unless someone comes out with a camera, this size, that can do 120/60fps @ 1080p it wont make a dent in the gopro, contour and replayxd sales. Lucky for us in broadcast or internet media 720p is still the norm. Most people can't stream 1080p and don't care to.(Most people are non-gaming, non-internet gurus with basic DSL internet) 
Yes, this camera has an LCD but I use 7' external monitors when I setup my shot. I have back problems so I don't want to be bent over setting up a shot. 

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gopro is not a easy to use consumer camera, these camera's are made for consumers who want to shoot their kids swimming etc. will do the job and definitely much more easy to use with the lcd and buttons.
I'd get one if it has 60fps and 170 degree view angle ( by the looks of no.... )

If someone wanted to shoot their kids swimming and is easy to use they most likely would get the  Jvc Picsio GC-Wp10 which is waterproof that can shoot 1080p and is 80 bucks. 

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Ditto FPS and color grading/matching which GoPro has added recently to let you blend w/ 5DmkII video.
If the image quality of the JVC is good and the price gets discounted further, I think they'll still have a hit on their hands...