Five Simples Hacks for Creative Photography

Are you looking for different ways to add some creativity to your work? There are several different methods to add special effects to your photos, both in-camera and in postproduction later with Photoshop or other photo manipulation software. Depending on what effects you are trying to achieve, some of them can be done really easily in-camera and won’t take up too much time extra time.

Here are five simple camera hacks to add some creativity to your photos and video, all done in camera by Dan Watson. By picking up a few objects listed below, you will be able to add these effects to your work. I have seen the crystal prism and LED lights becoming more and more popular, but each item has their use depending on the look you want to achieve.

If you still have some CDs or DVDs lying around that you don’t mind throwing into your camera bag, you can also use those for some creative in-camera effects playing with the reflections they give off. You may have some other items laying around already that you can for creative effects, look around and experience with different objects. What are some other items you have used for creative effects? Post them below with your examples.

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Thuc Do's picture

I love playing around with foreground blur at the moment. It makes me consider putting myself in positions I never would've thought of before like behind bushes (see attached), laying on the sand/grass etc :)

I definitely want to have a play with LED lights soon...not a big fan of the crystal ball!