The Fstoppers FlashDisc Is Available in Canada For Tonight Only

The Fstoppers FlashDisc Is Available in Canada For Tonight Only

The photography megastore B&H has purchased 50 FlashDiscs from us as a "test run" and they just went on sale minutes ago. B&H will ship anywhere in the world (if you are wiling to pay the shipping costs) but shipping to Canada is particularly reasonable. Jump on this before they sell out in a few hours. 

2 weeks ago an Amazon seller in Germany who bought 50 units from us sold out in less than 3 hours. We assume the same thing will happen in this case. We have run out of inventory and we are waiting for our next shipment so it may be a few months until B&H will have more stock. 

If you live in the USA you can still buy FlashDiscs on Amazon

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Anonymous's picture

Oh boy. I had to go through MyUs just three weeks ago and that cost me $200 for two disks. Darn.

Sorry about that. Are you in Canada?

Anonymous's picture

Yes indeed, and freezing. My only consolation is that I tested your product and it is amazing.

Julien Kauffmann's picture

I am freezing too ...

Matthew Smith's picture

The timing on this could not of been better. Was just about to buy from eBay! Saved me $30 ea. Thanks guys.

Julien Kauffmann's picture

Was thinking this afternoon that ... shit as a french guy living in canada it's super sad you made it available in Europe and not canada. And randomly connect and saw this ... orderer 2 :) cant wait to play with it ! It will be a great alternative to my 72'' umbrella softbox ;) thanks again guys !

Will Nguyen's picture

how many flashdisc per "set"?

Tom Lim's picture

Sold Out! Missed it!
Thanks for thinking about Canadians! :)

Is it normal for the top section of the flash disc to collapse in during normal usage?

TJ Jackson's picture

I like it but am having the same issue too. Wondering if it will eventually separate a bit more when open.

Yes, that is normal. I admit it's not as pretty but different flash sizes fill it out differently. It does not affect flash output. In fact, it may make it more powerful

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brian ball's picture

When will they be available in the UK and could we pre order so we don't miss out ?

When will I be able to buy it in Europe? Thx :)

Patrick Hall's picture

Hope to have them in by Jan 2015. They ship throughout the EU

Michael Ciurleo's picture

they just refilled i got 2 of them yesterday (delivery confirmed)