Fujifilm Announces new EF-60 Shoe Mount Flash and EF-W1 Commander

Fujifilm Announces new EF-60 Shoe Mount Flash and EF-W1 Commander

Fujifilm finally adds to its flash roster, giving photographers true wireless control.

Speedlights, a key feature of most photographers' kits, but us Fujifilm shooters were locked into the small one that came with our camera or third party flashes, until now. With the announcement of the EF-60 and EF-W1 combo, Fujifilm photographers can finally keep it all in the family.

The EF-60 has a Guide Number of 60 at the 200mm zoom mark, which is extremely powerful, especially for a flash unit this small. For comparison, the Profoto A1 has a guide number of around 40. The EF-60 has a recharge time of three seconds at full power, and uses AA batteries to charge up it's capacitors.

The EF-W1, Fuji's new wireless commander, is compatible with the Nissin air system, so if you're already invested in Nissin, you can use your flashes with the new Fuji system as well. In fact, with the EF-W1 you can control up to 30 different flashes, in four groups, to really blast your subject with light.

The flash system works with both the GFX and the X system of cameras, so no matter where you've invested your money, Fujifilm has you covered. 

Are you planning on picking up one, or multiple, of these flashes? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

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Gary Pardy's picture

I'm guessing this is rebadged Nissin gear? The flash is identical in design to the i40, but more powerful.

Oliver Ottley's picture

Can I use the trigger with my Aputure lights?

K G's picture

I don't know why anyone would buy over priced fuji brand flashes when you can have a whole kit bag full of reliable Godox units for the price is one of these with the transmitter. They really don't know how to price gear at times. This will be forgotten fast as a... Well, flash