Fujifilm X-T3 Versus X-T2: Which Camera Should You Buy?

When a new camera comes out, one of the most common questions I see is whether it's worth upgrading to or not. This I think is a very reasonable and fair question because in many cases now, new cameras tend to be minor updates as opposed full on upgrades. Based on that, how does the Fujifilm X-T3 compare to the X-T2 and is it worth paying slightly more for the upgrade?

Personally, I feel that Fujifilm make some of the best APS-C cameras currently available. This is precisely why I'm such a fan of their cameras. The X-T2 was such a fantastic camera and currently its price point makes it a fantastic value for the money. It offers incredible image quality with some very useful video features. Fuji did such a good job with that camera that it's going to take something pretty special to beat it.

In my latest video, I compare the most recent X-Series camera from Fujifilm, the X-T3, to the previous model, the X-T2, to see just how good the new camera is. Looking at just the spec sheet you may be led to believe this latest addition is just a minor update but in my testing, I'm finding some very compelling reasons to upgrade. Check out the full video to see how both of these two cameras compare and if it's worth the upgrade.

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Nathan McMahon's picture

I definitely made the leap. It was worth it for my needs.

chrisrdi's picture

Indeed. I have 3 dslrs 2 Nikons and one canon but i recently bought an XT1. I have not touched my DSLRs since I've had the XT1 lol. I love it. I plan on getting the XT3 in couple months can't wait!

Ken Savage's picture

Couldn't you re-assign one of the buttons to.be eye-detect on/off

Usman Dawood's picture

You can reassign the focus button but I couldn’t find anyway to separate eye detect from the focus button like you can on Sony.

Studio 403's picture

I am looking at the H1 by Fuji, that have a good deal right now with lens and extra battery case for holding

Bryce Milton's picture

My X-T2's AF system and I get along happily in most conditions. Better is better I suppose, but I have other uses for the cash. Hopefully, the X-T4 will hopefully bring IBIS to the party making the upgrade scenario irresistable.

Scott Steinson's picture

As a hobbyist photographer with a limited budget, I took advantage of after-Christmas gear dumping and got a very nice Chrome finish X-T2 at a bargain price. My gear is not what is holding back my photography, which is why I joined fstoppers.

Usman Dawood's picture

It's a fantastic camera and I think you made a great decision by buying it. Well done on getting a great bargain.

Bryce Milton's picture

Good call! Note to self: My X-T4 should be that cool "graphite" color they did for the X-Pro2s... :-)

Nacona Nix's picture

Neither, given the astonishing amount of noise above like... 800. I have no idea how anybody uses these.

Usman Dawood's picture

Have you actually tried these cameras? Noise performance even at 12800 ISO is only slightly more than the 5D4 and even then it's difficult to tell them apart.

I can show you a direct side by side comparison of two raw files shot in a controlled environment if you want.

Nacona Nix's picture

The XT-3, yes. Rented for a week, hard pass. The noise is atrocious. And if it's bad on the 5D4 I woudn't use it either!

My basis of comparison includes the Nikon D7200, D500, D850, and Sony A7r3. None are as bad as the Fuji, and all managed sharper results with comparable lenses at the same ISO and beyond.

Nacona Nix's picture

MAYBE it's because I don't have Capture One? I was using Lightroom and Photoshop, Apple Preview for comparison.

Usman Dawood's picture

At 12800 the 5D4 is noticeably cleaner than the D7200 and about the same if not better than the a7R III and the D850.

The Fuji X-T3 is comparable and actually slightly better for color noise although it does have a tiny bit more luma noise.

I'm not sure how you managed the results you claim. The tool below from DPreview confirms my comparisons too.


Nacona Nix's picture

I'd start by comparing camera images in natural night and not repeatedly using that crappy 50 1.4 on the Nikon.

Usman Dawood's picture

Lenses don’t impact noise performance. Natural light is very prone to change. I’m sorry I have to be a little blunt here but you’re way off on this one. You’re wrong about the noise performance on the X-T3. There’s lots of evidence to prove your claim to be false and almost no evidence in favour of your point.

I highly recommend you revisit these cameras from Fuji because they are some of the best cameras on the market right now.

Nacona Nix's picture

No thanks.

Usman Dawood's picture

Sure, that's fine with me :).

Mr Blah's picture

They simply don't pixel peep.