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Fujifilm's 100-Megapixel Camera Will Cost $9,995, Come With 4K and IBIS

Fujifilm's GFX series has proven to be quite successful and has brought medium format into an appealing price range for a lot of photographers. Soon, Fujifilm will be pushing the boundaries all the more, bringing a 100-megapixel medium format camera to the market. 

Cameta Camera spoke with Fujifilm at PhotoPlus Expo 2018, where the company revealed a few details about the upcoming 100-megapixel camera. As you can see in the display case, it will be built with an integrated grip. Fujifilm also said it will come with 4K, which when combined with the medium format look should provide a very interesting option for filmmakers looking for something different. The camera will also come with in-body image stabilization. Fujifilm has been saying all along that the GFX optics are designed for 100 megapixels or more, so it's unsurprising (though still exciting) to see this body appear. They also mentioned a new AF processor and that they're marketing the line to be more portable and versatile than other such cameras (mentioning street photography), which could indicate improved autofocus performance. Lastly (and perhaps most importantly), Fujifilm said the camera will be priced at $9,995, which while expensive, is remarkably affordable for a camera of that caliber. It should be an exciting option for landscape and studio shooters looking for ultimate resolution at an affordable price. 

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Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. He is also an avid equestrian.

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If only they would come out with a mirrored version. <sigh>

Why would you want that?

Optical viewfinder. I have no use for an EVF. None. Nadda. Zip!

Having shot medium format for a while, the mirror slap can provide quite a bit of shake. I’d love a mirrorless option.

Having never shot with a medium format before, how do they deal with that now?

Leaf shutter lenses can help.

Not sure which camera you were using, but I can tell you that while the RB67 is really loud, it actually has (somewhat surprisingly) very little shake—certainly not enough to be a real issue.

645 df+ with a digital back

Ok then this camera isn’t for you. I’ve shot a lot of medium format in my day and that mirror slap gives a ton of camera shake. Not ideal. This camera allows you to shoot off a tripod at lower shutter speeds which is great.

Fuji shouldn’t change what they do because you want them too. Plenty of mirrored medium format cameras out there

Um, yeah. I kinda said that it wasn't for me. :-/

I don't need a mirror, but I do enjoy a nice optical viewfinder. I was not at all impressed with the EVF on the new 50R, at least after looking through the Nikon Z7 and Sony A7R III ones first.

Well, the optical viewfinder is what I want. The mirror being part and parcel.

I'm a DSLR guy, but if I had the extra photobucks, this would be under serious consideration. Now, where'd I put that lottery ticket?

Oh well, here’s to selling another kidney... oh wait, I already sold my mom’s kidney... oh well, she does not need kidneys anyways...

I think that Fuji is playing this game the most intelligently. Where other companies treat APS-C as an entry-level consumer format, Fuji is carving out a niche for itself by treating it as a professional system with appropriately professional lenses. Where other companies are getting into a slugfest over the full frame MILC pie, Fuji is just ignoring it completely and carving out another niche as the only practically priced solution in medium format.

Leica do not treat APS-C as entry level. The CL (and TL2) has image quality pretty much indistinguishable from the M10, Q and SL, and it's APS-C. The CL is priced at entry level (for Leica) but the quality is uncompromised.

I don't really consider Leica seriously in any discussion regarding photography because they're just off in their own land doing their own thing with their own pricing. Leicas aren't cameras. They're Leicas. LOL! Just to be clear, I don't mean that to denigrate them, but rather as a compliment. It's not just any company that can survive essentially doing whatever the hell they want while essentially ignoring everyone else in the market.

Leica might be the ultimate example of carving out a niche where they are not competing with anyone at all—but doing so on their own terms.

Actually Nick Aps-C image is quite different than those of the larger sensors in many ways, even if yo crop the larger sensor down it will still (is capable) of rendering a better image. APS-C has its benefits though just not with wides, highlights or noise.

I suggest you try out a CL - all you say is commonly held wisdom, but is simply untrue in the case of the CL and TL2. The results from the CL with the 11-23mm are so similar to those from the SL with the 16-35 as to make no difference. I speak from direct first hand experience as I own both cameras. Crazy but true...

Dual card slots!?