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[Gear] A Camera that Creates 3D Models of Rooms in Minutes

Creating 3D images of interiors, with furniture, colors and textures is a time consuming process to say the least. But now Matterport, a device prototyped from an Xbox Kinect, uses twin lenses on a hand held unit to render a three dimensional space. This tech obviously has a way to go but the preliminary results are impressive none the less. The applications for a camera with this type of mapping capability is definitely a game changer and could radically change the way we capture the world around us. Google Street View, move over. Leave a comment telling us how you see 3D mapping cameras changing the photography community if at all.

via [VisualNews]

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Ian Boys's picture

massively useful for police forensic work, kitchen design etc etc. not sure about the rest of us.

BK553's picture

Would be awesome for chrome-keying for video too, as you can simulate an entire room instead of a simple backdrop pretty easily.

basically avatar style freedom without the work of manually creating the 3D world.

a drone with a camera that can learn the spaces while "walking" arround. I can think in 10000 things i can use that camera.  Infinite possibilities.

Travis Smith's picture

Computer game design - actual areas from real life, captured as a level in a videogame.

A roomba that knows how to clean my floor perfectly. Then go down the steps and clean the living room.

Daniel Conklin's picture

Real estate floor plan creator for a walk thru engine.

Deleted Account's picture

nice to see how Matterport have grown and expanded from way back till today, 3D scanning camera, used by various people to scan properties and spaces, being able to aquire measurements from the 3D model and have a 3D dollhouse view as well as floorplan view, and the best to be able to "walk" around in the 3D model and look in any direction,