[Gear] The Light Table Goes Digital For The First Time

Much like gathering around the water cooler at the office took a hit with the advent of bottled water; the light table seemed to vanish overnight once digital cameras decided to stick around. Well fear not ex-film shooters, thanks to the Microsoft Surface touch computer and Industrial Color's "GLOBALedit" App you can once again swap war stories around the light table.

Industrial Color debuted the App at the NRF Convention last week held in N.Y.C. According to the manufacturer: "The app leverages the 360-degree user interface and multi-touch capabilities of the Surface platform to bring photo editing, image markups, layout creation, and creative review sessions to life."

Well that certainly sounds awesome doesn't it?

Check out the video below for a full finger swiping run through of the App.

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Sean Shimmel's picture

I'm sure it's more elegantly usable than appears in this video, but...

...what does appear looks slow and clunky. As one example, even the finger drawing of the circle looks computationally slow and makes the entire product look unappealing.

Just gota wait for Apple to make one :)

Noah's picture

ya, at five times the price of this one XD

Andreas Feustel's picture

Apple is not able (or willing) to build color accurate displays!

You think this thing is color accurate?

I think the main reason for the sluggishness of the software in the video is that the hardware it's running on probably wasn't selected for photo editing. Adding to the fact that the Surface has been pretty much a demonstration tool rather than an actual workstation or consumer product makes me think that when people actually start to buy these devices the hardware will catch up to the software.

Sean Shimmel's picture

Indeed. Agreed. As I had mentioned in my opening remark.

My comment was most directed at the choice of what the video actually showed. Like the old saying about lipstick on a pig... the lipstick is the future potential of the idea. The clunky pig is what I perceived in the video itself.

Andreas Feustel's picture

Can you imagine to put this kind of display on a table on a wedding to present the photo booth and reception pictures you took a couple of minutes ago!? Great idea to let the wedding guests merge and move the images with a fingertip. But I agree with Sean. It looked slow an clunky!

Jason Peters's picture

Imagine production meetings over one of theses...