[Gear] New iPhone App Is DSLR Remote Unlike Any Other

UK Company Triggertrap have been making camera triggers for some time now, and recently released an iOS app that offers remote control of many DSLRs, in addition to control the iOS camera itself. Unlike other remote apps available though, the Triggertrap Mobile can be triggered by things like sound, vibration, and facial recognition. Other notable features include eased timelapses that create a ramped-up speed effect over time, distance-lapses, and doing HDR captures.

The $10 app will control the camera built into your mobile device, and is available in the app store. There is also a free trial version available which gives you access to just a couple of the shooting modes. (cable release mode, vibration sensor and timelapse mode) It will work on any iOS 5 device, like the iPhone or iPad.

You should note that if you want to connect it to your DSLR, you will also need to buy a $10 cable AND a $10 dongle to connect everything. Too bad it doesn't work on a self-generated wireless network, but it's still a cool product for an amazing price when you consider that a Canon Timer Remote control is over $100, and it doesn't do nearly as many of the funcitons. Check their site for specifics regarding camera model compatibility, but some of the more popular Canon and Nikon DSLRs I looked for seemed to be supported, including the 5Dm2, 7D, D3, and D800.

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Travis Alex's picture

This app looks amazing. I am very excited about these leap in tech. 

Tam Nguyen's picture

Kinda cool, but the last thing I wanna do is to dedicate my phone, which is a source of entertainment, while waiting for the timelapse sequence to be shot.

hmm I'm very interested in this, seems to be bundled with some good features. And I DO have an iPhone 3Gs just sitting on my desk not being used, I wonder if it'll take the iOS5.... 

Triggertrap's picture

Hey! Triggertrap here - The 3GS does work, but some of the sensors are a little bit sluggish, and it doesn't give the best user experience. A recent iPod Touch or iPad would be much faster - and an iPhone 4 or 4s would be perfect.

Simon Paradis Photographe's picture

Interesting, I saw something similar but this one is just great.. Sound trigger.. very.. very interesting.. I bought the Dongle.. can't wait to test this

Any plans for other platform?

Nix's picture

Theres one for Andriod called DSLR Controller. Its been out for a while and has good reviews, you will need a phone that has the ability to accept USB OTG. Check out thier website http://dslrcontroller.com/

Haje Jan Kamps's picture

 We've written a little bit about the android version here: https://triggertrap.com/triggertrap-android/

Evan Bourcier's picture

Ordering now, already got the app. Sad the cord for my t3i is backordered... Will definitely be doing a video review as soon as it comes in!

Haje Jan Kamps's picture

It'll be back in stock on Monday!

~ Haje / Triggertrap

I kind of find the cable to be very short!! Would've loved a longer cable. 

TriggerHappy on Kickstarter just funded and it seems to be very similar and works with Andriod (my primary device) as well. A few less features. Im excited to get my hands on it in June! 

Interesting, I just got the ioShutter, which is $70 for the cable and $10 for the fully loaded app. Wonder if I should return the ioshutter and go for this at less than half the price...

Haje Jan Kamps's picture

Try them side-by-side, I'd love to hear your feedback!

~ Haje / Triggertrap

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

Can this app make 5exposure HDR with shutter speed faster than 1/200? (1/100 1/200 1/400 1/800 1/1600)?

Haje Jan Kamps's picture

We'd love to, but we can't. SOme more info about why: https://triggertrap.com/tt-mobile-tutorial-hdr/

~ Haje / Triggertrap