Hasselblad Announces Three New "Stellar" Models Priced at $3,175

Hasselblad Announces Three New "Stellar" Models Priced at $3,175

Well, I guess Hasselblad is continuing on their path of form-over-function despite critics and general malaise from actual photographers the world over, adding more to their previously announced Stellar line. "The latest Stellar models offer photographers the choice of three new camera body colurs: black, white and orange - and ship with bespoke camera cases in black or white leather with signature stitching and shoulder and wrist straps."

Luca Alessandrini, Hasselblad's New Business Development Director said: "The launch of our Stellar brand in July was a great success and now we are offering discerning customers new options on this outstanding point and shoot camera. Stellar Special Edition models are now available with carbon fibre, padouk or wenge wood grips and come with exclusive leather cases specially designed at our elite Italy-based Design Centre. The latest models will retail at € 2,375 / £ 1,975 / $ 3,175 (excl. VAT)."

Hasselblad Black Stellar_Front_white

Hasselblad Orange Stellar_Front_white

Hasselblad White Stellar_Front_white

I've yet to see one of these in person, and I don't know anyone who has ever held one, but apparently they saw enough success to keep at it.

Are any of you still excited about these new rebranded Sony cameras, or are you as sad about it as I am?

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well these cameras do one thing for sure..... they help spotting idiots.

Calm down, its an expensive toy for people with the money for it. Photographers weren't going to buy a P&S from Hassy because it was bound to be expensive, no matter the specs. This camera is not about the specs, but the design. I'm not condoning it, but it's the way it is.

well the design is made for blind people.. obviously.

so what?

doesn´t help to sell this abomination....

I can't believe people are getting worked up over this. There is a niche for luxury that obviously many people simply don't understand. It's an icon in form of a camera. No different than choosing Louis Vuitton over Levi. It doesn't need to be bigger, better, faster, more beautiful....it simply need to be identifiable and less attainable.

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i am going to market the handle, and a knockoff "H" sticker, for 25 bucks

...and that would be the market of under-cutting. Go for it! if you make enough you can show off and buy a Stellar!

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HB is all too quickly becoming associated with clunky embarrassment.


The orange Panasonic GM1 stands out in the crowd and is gorgeous at the same time. The orange Hasselblad Stellar stands out in the crowd because of its ugliness. Guess which one is the pricier?

I'd rather be seen with a Polaroid Nikon 1 knock-off. More practical too...

Why do you even post stuff like that? Free advertising for HB, one way or the other and, IMHO, "pollution" on your website.

Who in their right mind would buy these?!

nobody.. but a lot of idiots i guess

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These guys get an A for marketing and well who cares about the camera. This is just smart marketing by Hassleblad to make some extra dough and keep up the foo-foo image they have.

Anyone who wants to mug rich people will now have a flag to spot...

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I wouldn't spend the money on it personally, but l think the grip design is something that a lot of point and shoots lack ...im not saying this is the best grip i have seen but just having one on a point and shoot def makes using it a lot more comfortable ...

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How is this a sustainable business plan?