How to Choose the Right Head for Your Tripod

Tripods are one of the most common and useful accessories a photographer or videographer can have, and just as important as the tripod itself is the head you put on top of it. There quite a few different kinds of heads, and this awesome video tutorial will show you how each of them works and which one is most appropriate for the work you do.

Coming to you from DP Review TV, this great video will show you the various types of tripod heads, their pros and cons, and what sort of work they are appropriate for. Tripod heads can range from quite affordable to highly specialized and expensive. A lot of the time, their designs represent some sort of tradeoff between precision and quickness of movement. For example, a wildlife photographer using a tripod to support a large and heavy lens for a long time will likely want one that can move quickly and fluidly to follow an animal through the frame. On the other hand, other applications will require less quick movements and higher levels of precision, while other designs strike a balance between the two ends of the spectrum. 

Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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