How Does DJI's Osmo Action Cam Stack up Against the Competition?

Drone-maker DJI made a bold decision to descend from the heavens and put its cameras into the hands of action sports junkies with the recent release of the Osmo Action camera. But while we know DJI has dominated the skies, how does it stack up against the competition in the action camera market? Kai Wong puts it to the test. 

For the purposes of this hands-on test, Wong compares the Osmo Action to the Sony X3000 and, of course, the GoPro Hero 7. He cleverly mounts the Osmo Action and the Sony X3000 to a radio-controlled car and takes them each for a spin through some grass. The quality of the Osmo Action's image stabilization is immediately apparent and there's no question about which camera comes out on top. 

When it's time to compare the Osmo Action to the GoPro, Wong actually tapes both units together, ensuring a strong side-by-side comparison. It's worth seeing how each one performs not just with vertical stabilization as he bounces up and down, but also how they smooth out pitch, roll, and yaw. 

Of course, Wong notes that the selfie screen puts the Osmo Action a step ahead of the competition. Its ability to take a swim in a beer is, well, an added bonus. 

Are you planning to jump into the action camera market? Would you jump in with DJI, a relative newcomer to the space, or stick with the king of the action sports ring? Drop a comment below and tell us what you think. 

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Nice video, a good start for the day.