Introducing ROV by Rhino Camera Gear, a Motorized Camera Slider for iPhone

Creating video content is becoming more readily available as the quality of our smartphones are constantly getting better. The number of people creating their own videos with iPhones is increasing. There are 200 times more iPhones being used over SLR cameras, but the market for camera sliders designed for iPhones isn’t quite there yet. Rhino Camera Gear plans to change that by introducing the ROV.

ROV is a motorized camera slider designed for iPhones and DSLRs. Rhino Camera Gear is the top-selling provider of affordable, high-quality sliders for DSLR cameras and this will be their first in a new line of camera accessories for iPhones.  Where’s the Android love? Don’t worry, they are currently developing Android support within the next year. For now, the slider works with all iPhones but works best with iPhone 6 or newer.

To use ROV with your DSLR or mirrorless camera, you can control the slider with the ROV Motion App. There’s also a companion app to use the slider with your iPhone, the Rhino Storytelling app. This app can also be used with or without the ROV allow the users to upload footage to easily create videos.

You will have the choice between two different versions, the ROV and the ROV Pro which is designed for small DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Each version is also available in two different lengths: Everyday model of 8 inches is perfect for travel, or the longer Traveler version with the length of 16 inches for those who want a longer slider shot.


ROV was launched this morning on Kickstarter with the expected deliveries to arrive in April of 2018. Check out the full details and specs of these units on the Kickstarter page. Who else is interested in ordering one?

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