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LEAKED: New Lowepro Extreme Travel Backpack Looks Wicked

Our sources have cued us in on the impending release of a new Lowepro DSLR travel bag called the Rover Pro AW, and from what we can see this thing looks pretty sweet. We anticipate two different sizes, the 45L and the 35L, which goes in line with what Lowepro has done in the past. It looks to be a mountain-climbing, hiking, and otherwise sporty outdoorsy bag that is tailored for that "rough-and-tumble" photographer.

Click images below to see larger.

Anticipated Features:

  • Trampoline-style suspension system with breathable mesh
  • Adjustable shoulder straps that accommodates 16 to 19 inch (40 to 48 centimeter) torso lengths
  • Toploading design for two-way access to camera and other gear from the top or the front-hatch
  • Modular camera cases (1 camera case and 1 lens case in 45L model; 1 camera case in 35L model)
  • Side pocket for a 2 liter reservoir
  • Tripod attachment with gear-securing compression straps
  • Weather-protective cover
  • A dedicated laptop compartment


We've reached out to Lowepro to confirm the above and will get back to you with more details as soon as they become available.

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Garrett Byrum's picture

I'm curious as to why it took them so long to make a bag like this, but I am stoked nonetheless!

iamadamb's picture

I'm about 1 week into the 30 day return period on a Clik Contrejour 40, so hoepfully some more info will come out on this new line. I'd lusted after an fstop bag but they're sooo backordered I had to look elsewhere. So far though, the Contrejour is pretty nice. Pret-ty nice.

luisfaustino's picture

Agree, it as a big gap in their lineup... lets wait to have a price tag.. but me thinks that they still have long way to beat the best outdoor photography backpacks:

K. G. Brown's picture


Stephan Mantler's picture

Any bag that is designed to mash the carrying system and back in snow / mud to access your gear is so decidedly /not/ seriously outdoor it's not even funny.

Manuel Magallanes's picture

That's the copy of the FSTOP GEAR