Lee Filters Announces the Lee100 Tandem Adaptor

Lee filters announced a new addition to their Lee 100 filter holder system today. The new development is quite a unique idea that many landscape photographers may have wished possible for a long time. The Lee 100 tandem adaptor basically makes way for a second filter holder to be mounted on top of the first. 

In the above video, it shows that the tandem adaptor uses one of the filter slots to attach a secondary adaptor ring onto the filter holder to be able to mount a second one. This feature is a first across all filter brands and could definitely be a new trend. The point of having a second filter holder is basically to be able to have GND filters in different tilt positions. Doing so could potentially allow for more flexibility in controlling the dynamic range of a scene especially those with more than one significant light sources. 

Lee announced the new product on their facebook page along with the information that the new product will be available through their dealers starting Monday, August 5, 2019. The link that leads to the Tandem Adaptor product page on the Lee filters website shows more detailed information as well as a demonstration video of how the Tandem Adaptor works. 

The Tandem Adaptor and Foundation Kit with Accessory Tandem Adaptor combo are also already on B&H.

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Nicco Valenzuela is a photographer from Quezon City, Philippines. Nicco shoots skyscrapers and cityscapes professionally as an architectural photographer and Landscape and travel photographs as a hobby.

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First things first. This is the third filter holder article within a week. I highly doubt that fstoppers scheduled multiple, extensive holder reviews in a short period. This is filter holder manufacturers responding to each other and trying to control a narrative. Fstoppers is simply letting them have free reign versus pushing for unbiased in the field reviews. Yes, fstoppers I have been on your butt recently. Take it to heart that we see all and are not marketed sheep.

As far as Lee’s solution I suspect that there are some that have requested a double holder mount, but I don’t see it as a pervasive issue. It feels more like souped up marketing or a “catch up” for Haida, H&Y and others that have come up with innovative new holders.

For myself the Haida m10 system is a slam dunk. And yes I can see where the Lee approach adds a different flexibility. Haida has other strengths. In the end it’s whatever works best for you but this monstrosity just looks like an accident waiting to happen in the field. Not saying it not secure once it’s assembled; just saying that I only have two hands to build out the camera setup without dropping something into a canyon.