Multi-Minute-Long Exposures With the New Summit Filter System

Of course, it's possible to capture great landscape photographs without multiple filters, but purists like getting things right in camera. To do that, you're going to need not just a single filter, but a filter system

Polar Pro is known for their high-end circular filters, but today, they are releasing their first-ever filter system, called Summit. The average landscape photographer will probably want a circular polarizer to cut reflections and enhance the sky, a graduated neutral density filter to tone down a bright sky, and a solid neutral density filter to shoot long exposures in the middle of the day. The Summit Filter System allows you to use all three of these filters at the same time. 

Build Quality

I am by no means a filter expert, and I haven't used every system currently for sale, but the Summit system is the highest quality filters I've personally seen. Unlike other filters and holders that have plastic components, Summit seems to have only used metal, glass, and rubber to make their parts. The Summit system is expensive, but unlike other brands, the price for this gear makes sense. It feels high end. 

How Much Does It Cost?

You can buy the filter holder itself for $249, and it comes with the "core" holder, the rubber "hood," and the EVA case. Of course, the holder is pointless without the filters, so you're going to want to buy at least two of them. Check out the available filters and prices below. 

The Landscape Kit

For the best deal, you're going to want to buy the Landscape Kit. It comes with the holder and case, 77mm and 82mm thread plates, a square ND64, a rectangular ND4 graduated filter, and a circular polarizer. This gear would normally cost $920 individually, but together is $700. But for the next week only, you can save an additional $100 on Polar Pro's website, bringing the price down to $600. 

This kit may be all you need, but I must admit I really did enjoy using the 16.7-stop neutral density filter, which made the image below possible. 

Who Is This For?

Just because you like landscape photography doesn't mean you should run out and drop $600 on this filter system. This is extremely specialized tech made for serious landscape photographers and videographers. I know a few professional landscape shooters who don't use any filters at all. But, if you're in the market for a filter system like this, I think you're going to be very happy with the Summit system. It's incredibly well built and is truly a pleasure to use. 

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LOL a who's who of youtube gear reviews....8 and counting with everyone reading out the same opinions ;-)

I really liked the half second exposure of the wave rolling over. The details were really good in it, surprised you didn't like it as much. The last shot is damn good, though.

Very similar to Wine Country Camera Filter system all the way down to the holders for the ND and GND filters. The last image was indeed very nice.

A sponsored article, no?

No negative feedback, a "real photographers like to get things right in camera" comment, and a comment about a very dark filter that doesn't even mention that you can just stack other filters... yeah, this is an ad.

I do like being able to have a CP in there that you can easily adjust.

Reminds me of the Cokin Creative Filter System