Major Nikon Discounts Effective Tonight: D600, D800 & D800e

Major Nikon Discounts Effective Tonight: D600, D800 & D800e

UPDATE: D800e is now showing $200 discount! If you were waiting for a great deal on a Nikon camera, perhaps waiting was actually a good decision. Tonight a D600 kit with a 24-85mm VR lens, a Lowepro bag, a monopod, an extra battery, and a 32 gig memory card is on sale for $1,995 (reduced significantly from original MSRP $2,696) and the D800 is an additional $200 off.


Nikon D600 with 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR Lens: $1,996.95
Extra Battery
Sandisk Memory Card
Lowepro Bag
Oben 4-Section Monopod


Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera (Body Only): $200 off


Nikon D800e Digital SLR Camera (Body Only): $200 off

Ok Canon... your turn. Would love a steep discount on the new 6D.

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I see the kit with body only for that price but not the one with the lens.  If this is right then I just got jipped a lens because I got the kit without the lens a couple of weeks ago.

Chuck, if you got it from B&H or Adorama you can call them within 30 days of the purchase date and ask them to remedy the situation.. I have done that before a few times and they always helped me out. I am sure you can get that lens at no cost..

The D800e page at B&H isn't showing the -$200 discount.

Jaron Schneider's picture

That's odd. I was assured it was included. I'll take it off until I can get that resolved. 

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i don't know if i should hug you guys or kick you in the nuts. But I ordered the D600 kit, upgrading from the D80 me when the D710 drops.. ;)

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Clicking on the link above I don't see the 24-85 lens in the kit either (??)

Jaron Schneider's picture

That's only on the D600. Is that what you clicked on?

It's less like a sale and more like a bunch of freebies thrown in.  The body alone is not on sale :(  Great deal nonetheless if you want all of that free stuff.

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Actually the body itself is on sale for $200, but it's the exact same price as the D600 with all the freebies. So if you're gonna get it, get it with a bunch of free stuff.

That's the thing.  I don't really care for the freebies.  I'd prefer the $700 off the price of the body.  I know, I'm a greedy dreamer ;)

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They're giving you a free $500 lens with D600. It's like you're getting $500 bones off the price of the camera, especially if you hock it! It's a killer promo. Very tempting.

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 It's to distract you from the D600 dust problem...

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Cant order on BandH until 545pm Saturday!!?? really !!

Tons of other sites have a similar deal going too.  Like Adorama, Pictureline, and others.

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Buying it like this, the D600 lives up to it's original rumored price ~$1500. Unfortunately the lens is total crap, but if you can deal with it than this would truly be that $1500 FX Nikon everybody was waiting for. Nikon just put the screws on Canon as well. ;-)

Still not biting on the D600 until they at least address the dust issue.

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Anybody else sitting next to their computer waiting for B&H to reopen their online ordering? Adorama does have a similar deal, without the monopod and a Transcend card instead of a SanDisk. I'll take B&H. They also have the package without the monopod and the lens, for the exact same price which is strange. I wish they had this package without the lens cheaper because its going on Ebay as soon as it arrives.