MeFoto Shows Off New Colorful & Compact Monopods

MeFoto Shows Off New Colorful & Compact Monopods

MeFoto, makers of my most favorite travel tripod, today announced a new addition to their product line: the WalkAbout monopod, which also looks like it could be used as a general walking stick. It comes in a host of colors, similar to the tripod line, and also sports a removable compass for when it's not attached to a camera.

The monopods come in gold, blue, green, red, titanium, purple, orange and black. The MeFOTO WalkAbout has a weight capacity of 30.9 pounds making it compatible with most cameras you would use a monopod with, while only weighing 1.4 pounds. The monopods are made of aluminum, as with the traditional options with the tripods.

Stuff the monopods feature:

  • Removable compass knob
  • Maximum extended height of 60.4 inches
  • Minimum height of 18.1 inches
  • Quick Twist Rubber Lock Grips with Anti-Rotating Legs
  • Standard ¼-20” thread for mounting camera
  • Foam Grip

mefoto monopod walkabout 1

mefoto monopod walkabout 2

mefoto monopod walkabout 3

The monopods are only $60, and are available now.

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Nice, I recently bought their GlobeTrotter, but this would be nice to have too!

Spy Black's picture

This will be awesome for all the hipsters in Brooklyn...

Am I the only one who finds monopods absolutely useless?

yes, yes you are.

Jaron Schneider's picture

They're pretty indispensable for sports or action-style photography.

Fair enough

Jayson Carey's picture

They are a godsend for event videography.

Best way to get pictures from hard to reach-angles ever!