Microsoft Announces Another Device to Its Surface Lineup, Their First Laptop

Microsoft Announces Another Device to Its Surface Lineup, Their First Laptop

Welcome the newest member of Microsoft's Surface family, the Surface Laptop, along with the new Windows 10 S and an updated version of the Surface Arc Mouse. The Surface Laptop falls right between the Surface Pro 4, a powerful tablet made to replace your laptop, and the Surface Book, a laptop that can function as a tablet. This new device serves as Microsoft's first clamshell-style laptop and is a clear response to Apple's MacBook built with both the latest hardware and plenty of style.

Available for preorder and starting at $999, the Surface Laptop is being pitched as the perfect tool for students and education in general. It will come in several options with the latest seventh-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, up to 512 GB of SSD Storage, up to 16 GB or RAM, and Microsoft claims 14.5 hours of battery life. This puts it right up against Apple's newest MacBook Pro for specs. Not to be outdone by Apple in the style department, the Surface Laptop will be available in four colors, is super lightweight at 2.76 pounds, and only 14.5mm thick. Even though it has a beautiful 13.5-inch touchscreen display (2256x1504 resolution), what I noticed first when I got to play with them yesterday was the "Alcantara" fabric material on the keyboard. This is the fabric used in luxury planes, yachts, and cars like Tesla. Microsoft used it in the keyboard covers for the Surface Pro 4 but on the Laptop it really stands out making it look and feel like no other on the market.

The Surface Laptop is the first device to come with Windows 10 S, a streamlined operating system designed with security in mind and targeted towards the education market. If the hardware and style are a response to Apple, then this new OS is a response to Google and the huge impact Chrome OS has had on education. The plus side of 10 S is Microsoft claims much better performance and increased battery life. However, to make it more secure there is a stricter approval process to what programs you can install on it by only allowing what has been approved through the Windows Store app. If you are like me and this doesn't interest you, I was told that any device can be upgraded to any version of Windows at purchase for a $50 fee.

Not to be forgotten is my favorite announcement of the day, the new Arc Mouse. This is a much better evolution of the old version and feels amazing in the hand. The lay-flat design was always genius and the click you feel when you bend the arch is so much more solid feeling. If you need a mouse for your laptop, whether Surface or not, this is the best portable minimalist design I have seen. I encourage you to check it out.

Here is the preview video from Microsoft.

Here is the video for the Arc Mouse.

What do you think? Is Microsoft hitting Apple where it hurts in design and style? If you are a Microsoft user is this new Surface Laptop what you've been waiting for? Let us know in the comments.

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Lets hope that it does not overheat like the Surface book do..


We own two of them and haven't had any heat issues. I haven't even heard of this issue. I'll have to look into it.

That's the first I've heard of that being an issue. Do you have any links that talk about it?

I love what MS is doing with their hardware these days but I'm not that excited about a dumbed down Windows. To me, that seems way more complicated than just having one operating system that can do everything.

Agreed I have no interest in it and thankfully you don't have to use it. I do understand their attempt at targeting students. Both Apple and Microsoft have lost over 50% in revenue in the education market.

I believe it is their attempt of streamlining the operating system, they mentioned increased boot times in their presentation.

They also mentioned that the operating system can be upgraded to full windows; their money maker.

Most students will only use Word, PowerPoint etc, I imagine Google will release a new Chrome version.

This comment is far too long.

I still don't see that much innovation. My Dell XPS QHD has nearly the same specs and works perfectly. The Design is nice, but nothing special compared to Apple and the other competitors.

Lukas I think you are missing the point. There are lots of great laptops out there with similar specs by great companies like Dell, HP, and Lenovo. But Microsoft is only a few years to being a hardware company and this is their first laptop. For a first line up of products they are both competitive with long running companies and stylish.

Finally, something that could possibly replace my MacBook. Loving the look of it, too.

If the MacBook's are so bad, why is everybody trying to copy them? Of course you can tweak your copy and put maybe some faster stuff in it for a cheaper price... but you still have a wannabe.

What makes this a copy in anyway? for that matter what makes a Macbook anything different then any other laptop on the market? Apple products in general have always had a design element to them making them more stylish than their competitors. So yes other companies are now making much prettier devices to compete in what has become a stale hardware race. No one is saying there is something wrong with the Macbook. Not everyone WANTS a Macbook or anything to do with the Apple eco system. So companies that can compete on even terms creates more better products for the larger audience of users. Now if everyone would just stop spending what is a ridiculous amount of money for what essentially is a better visually designed product then some of the cheaper but equally speced devises on the market I'd be happier.