The Most Bizarre Lens You've Probably Seen in a While

Once in a while, a camera lens comes along that is a little different from the rest. Question is, should photographers buy something so unusual?

Adding lenses to your photographic arsenal can be a great way to expand the options available to you creatively. Unless you have unlimited money and camera bag space, decisions about what you do or don't buy will always have to be made. This week, Arthur Reutov showcases an interesting lens which you may or may not want to add to that arsenal of yours. The lens in question is a Yasuhara Nanoha Macro Lens, which Reutov says is the most bizarre and unique lens he has ever used on his Sony mirrorless camera. In a nutshell, this lens is a super macro with the ability of 4 to 5x magnification. In addition to this impressive magnification, the lens also has built-in LED bulbs that help to illuminate the subject. The video goes on to talk about all the good and bad points about this lens, and as always with Reutov, the video feels thorough and honest. I like how so many test images from the lens are shown in this video. Both the successes and failures are featured, which always helps to illustrate what a lens is capable of.

The real question you have to ask yourself about such a specialized lens is: should you buy one? For the right kind of photographer, I could see this being incredibly valuable. For the vast majority, this lens is probably going to collect dust in your camera bag, although I must say it does look like a fun lens to help you see the world through different eyes.

Would you buy this lens? Do you regret buying any lenses you own? We'd love to hear from you in the comments below.

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