New Camera Requires You To Throw It In The Air

Awhile back we shared a few videos of photographers intentionally throwing their cameras in the air. Well now the Throwable Panoramic Ball Camera actually makes that feat much easier. The new camera allows photographers to create 360 degree images with 36 individual cameras arranged in a buckeyball shape (any organic chemists out there?). Using an accelerometer, the spherical camera takes a photo at the apogee when there is the least amount of movement for surprisingly sharp images. It's also made of soft collision material which just begs you to throw it at someone's face or fling it with a water balloon launcher. The whole project is pretty interesting, and you can read more about it on Jonas Pfeil's website.

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Patrick Hall is a founder of and a photographer based out of Charleston, South Carolina.

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 buckeyball = is an allotrope of carbon such as graphite and diamond, but this allotrope has a ball shape!

I want one with 36 individual GoPro cameras XD

it's like the scout sensor in war videogame....

I way slightly blown away after only seeing the first 30 seconds of the video. Working for a resort company, my mind immediately went toward using it to easily get panoramas of beach resorts. Having the ability to scan a location in 360 mode; being that the only work involved in creating it was throwing up a ball and putting the output together via software is awesome. - Careful when throwing it up nears cliffs or you might wind up falling trying to catch it

Looks like all us photographers are going to be out of jobs. LOL

Not for me :)

Good luck getting that well crafted composition and lighting and those distortion-free panormaics and architectural shots with this. It looks like a ton of fun, but certainly not a replacement for most photography.

" It’s also made of soft collision material which just begs you to throw it at someone’s face [...]"

looks good, but if the color accuracy is anything like the video, count me out...

i absolutely want one. but it seems, no immediate plans for a commercial version - (?) ... sigh