New from Edelkrone: SliderPlus X and Motion Kit

Edelkrone has reinvented it again. This time, it's a motion control system that includes some of its existing products as well as new additions bundled into a kit they say is the "world’s smartest and most portable 4-axis motion control system."

This kit contains their new SliderPlus X, which includes all the nice features of the previous slider versions, a much bigger load capability (up to 22 pounds), easily removable belts, and a tripod mounting wheel. Although you can use the slider by itself, their new Motion Kit system allows you to have incredibly precise motion control when shooting video and stills.

What Edelkrone actually reinvented here is the smart way of programming the movements. This is achieved by recording your camera slide, pan, and tilt movements. Later, you have the ability to replay these movements and even change settings on the go without having to reprogram the motion once again.

Another key capability is their focus tracking system. There is an integrated focus pulling mechanism controlled by the Motion Kit core module. This gives you the ability to lock focus on a target so you have a correctly focused object during the whole motion.

All this is controlled from a smartphone or an Apple Watch. Currently, only iOS is supported, but Android users will be able to try it, too, in the near future.

The whole kit is priced at about $2,700 but you can also buy separate modules. The good news is for those who already own the SliderPlus: the Motion Kit is fully compatible with the previous versions of the slider.

For a detailed presentation of the new pieces of gear, check out the following demonstration video:

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David Nagy's picture

This has only 3 axis.

Tihomir Lazarov's picture

Each axis is controlled by a motor:
1) Slide
2) Pan
3) Tilt
4) Focus

This is what they call a 4-axis system.

David Nagy's picture

Focus is not an axis. It does not change the position or orientation of the camera. If your lens has a very bad focus breathing... but that would be a bit of a stretch. Their marketing bs level is just over 9000. 4th axis would be roll for example.

BS level over 9000?! that's impossible. Actually with a company like this it is possible. They use so much computer generated scenes here, I am surprised by the number of people believing it.

ISA AYDIN's picture

I have Motion kit.. and I confirm that it is great and those scenes that you see are not computer generated.. You can do them yourself easy

But David is right, focus is NOT an axis.

Leigh Miller's picture

Been jones'n to try out their stuff...non of which seems to be available inmy area.

This looks really impressive

Bill Larkin's picture