The New Macbook Pro Is Every Photographers Dream

The New Macbook Pro Is Every Photographers Dream

Just a few hours ago Apple announced their all new Macbook Pro line of laptops. The most impressive of the group is the 15inch model which includes a retina display! I'm currently typing this on a massive 24inch ultra sharp monitor that has 1920x1200 pixels. Apple's new 15 inch screen has a shocking 2800x1800 pixels. Apple also finally made the jump to USB 3.0 which makes this the most impressive laptop for creative professionals on the go. Pre-order the new machine here.

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thus the release of the thunderbolt adapters.. My guess is the fw800 ports affected the rigidness of the body and they nixed them

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Can't wait to put Windows 8 on this puppy.

If you're calling yourself a "professional" and your editing on a laptop screen on the regular I would seriously reconsider my profession.  17" nor 19" nor 20" is enough to edit high res files that cameras are getting out today.  At MINIMUM, as a professional photographer you're going to want a 24" EXTERNAL screen that is properly color calibrated.

The power of this machine is it's display and portability.  When paired with the soon to be released Retina 27" external Cinema display this mobile device becomes a portable editing station that not only allows you to import, edit, organize and quickly transfer your images/video but it's a wonderful way to display your work to clients on a screen that is ... magical.

17" was just too heavy and bulky.  The concept of being able to dock my machine and utilize a huge, beautiful counterpart and then take my data with me AND use it for 7 hours.....brilliant.

....and I've never owned a Mac in my life.

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Well, as a "professional" I have to work in press-rooms, at the fields, on the floor of the civic center, and other places when I am shooting in the field.  And my two 27" screens at the house aren't doing me any good when I am on deadline hours from home.

I bought an iPad for client review, I am not handing them my laptop.  And I do agree that 17" is just too big and bulky.  I never carry the 17" any more.  My current model MBP is 15" and pretty nice to travel with.  Fits nicely on the tray on the airplane too.

Yes and client will see the "magical looking photos" and agree to print them. And after will complain that the photos he/she got doesn´t look in the same magical way he/she have seen on the "magical retina screen".

It's not a matter of screen size but resolution. Everything a TRUE professional wants it's resolution and performance. Conclusion, this MB Pro 15 meets all the requirements, for sure.

27 retina? Did you already did the math of a 27 inch screen with at least 200dpi ? Do you know how many pixels it's needed? "soon to be released" ?!

Eeek... guys calm down, if you don't think this is it for you then don't buy it. I am personally very impressed and can't wait to get one. On the other hand... who da hell edits on a 15" for "professional" work. I own a 17" right now and I love it, but finding its a fatass when it comes to travel or location work. I agree that a 24 or 27" calibrated is a must for the guys that are far better than me. I also intend to get a 27" once they release a newer and higher res version of that screen. But let's face it, for tethering and for studio work, this thing is like Victoria Secret's gorgeous bum, everyone wants it! haha. Quick on the SSD, fast processor, killer graphics card, thunderbolt and usb 3.0 and even hdmi out, i think this sucker is a win. Just remember, this is a LAPTOP, PORTABLE powerhouse is key here, not to be mistaken or compared to a dual 27" or dual 36" (for the rich) combined with a desktop "mac pro". 

Just my 2 cents. Cheers :)

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 " who da hell edits on a 15" for "professional" work."

Every pro I know or work with.

Loving how you say "calm down", then bashes people for doing "professional" work on a 15" screen, and resorts to all caps near the end. ;)

lol no no its not what i meant guys, yes i do realize lots do work on the 15" but i meant it in that most don't do the majority of their work on it, again could be my inexperience. Most i see use dual screens or use heavy duty desktops for their stuff. Oh and the caps isn't for yelling hahaha my bad. 

Yep. You are right. Portable and powerful to quickly see photos/videos on location. 

I have 17inch MacBook Pro and its heavy to drag along. I would love to switch it for smaller one sometime soon.Shame it doesn't have FireWire built in. Using some adaptors will be on the way with this one.

But 2 big screens are proper professional editing station. Not a laptop. 

It's the photographers dream for now . . . until the next latest technology comes along.  I though full HD was the peak of electronic display until people started talking about 4K.  What's next?  8K?  :)

16K maybe?

Hmmm ... Most of stuff on TV is still SD upscaled or 720p. But more and more is being shoot to broadcast as true HD (1080p). I think we need to wait for 8k or 16k a bit longer. My bet would be that in few years everything on home TV will be 1080p/2k and then 4/8k or retina TV will be in production? not sure if 3D will get ever adapted on large scale.

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can you guys just give me one?

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It is incredible machine, but resolution is to high, resolution of my 17in 1920x1200 is sometimes is too detailed and it make my eyes tired, where did they put firewire 800, what I am going to do with old G-drive on the go, it mean I will have to use USB-2 instead now. 
They made the same mistake with Final cut Pro-X, they build machine for the future, but they didn't care about the past and today users.

You will haev to use adaptor Firewire to thunderbolt. Not the best solution, but exist. At least you don't have to use USB 2 (ugh) or sell your Gdrive.

ahhaah you make me lough so hard! every photog dream?! b*tch, please... really?! I already own a 15" hi-res mbpro and i don't even attempt postproducing on this monitor, both for display size and color accuracy.. c'mon, do you REALLY need this impressive amount of pixels? 
kudos my HP LP2475w, that's every photographer [on a budget!] dream!

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With the HDMI port, will it be possible to use the macbook as a monitor ?

Just a note that a lot of people commenting on screen size being "too small for professionals" seem to forget that many photographers and videographers travel and need to take a computer with them. Anything larger than a 15" laptop isn't really feasible or convenient (well, maybe a 17" is if they are going somewhere local), especially if they are travelling abroad by air. Something with a small screen is better than nothing.

For the rest of us, larger is usually better, but you can edit on smaller screens. Bigger just makes it easier. I use my Dell laptop with my desktop's screen redirected via RDC to it so I can sit in comfort on my settee and have the TV on if I want. If I need to, I can sit at my desk and use the larger screen.

17inch is a beast to  carry around :( I have one 17inch MacBook Pro and its difficult to carry around or find a camera bag that will support it. Yeah there are plenty of bags etc but choice is not as big. 

Portability all the way 15inch or 13inch for preview/basic editing on the set?

ajmills, the biggest issue isn't size, is color accuracy, wich is the one and only important thing when it comes to monitors, for image professionals. you can actually edit on a 15" screen on-the-go [i do have my mbpro with me at most of shootings, since i have it as main workstation], BUT you might not want to use it on a daily basis. so that's why the assumption "this is every photographer dream" has no reason to be. coz even if you're wisely using a mbpro as a workstation, you'd probably want to hook it up to an external monitor with proper color accuracy properties. that's it! no one is doubting performances of the overall machine, but the need for such a resolution, wich is actually going to deeply influence the way photographers/videomakers/graphic designers work: as these monitors will spread, people will need more detailed pictures, i.e. BIGGER file size and weight, therefore heavier contents will need faster connections, and so on.. this trend is gonna shrink our connections, and ram capacities and so on. think about it. do we REALLY need this leap? what will this mean in terms of what relates with heavier websites?

he said it better than I did! haha

I was mainly commenting on the size issue, which is something that was apparently being bandied about without much thought for anything else - things like colour accuracy, viewing angle and so on. It's perhaps not such an issue with newer LCD monitors, but how many people check the viewing angle? It's surprising just how much the display can be affected by not looking at it more or less straight on.

But it is true that colour accuracy is important - however, how many photographers actually calibrate their monitors? I bet you it's surprisingly few. Calibrating my laptop's display improves it immensely as the default is too blue, and bright. And calibrated, it is better than a friend's desktop monitor that has trouble displaying pastel/light colours (in fact in Gmail, you can barely tell if mail is read or unread).

"The New Macbook Pro Is Every Photographers Dream" 15 inches really? imac 27 which screen resolution 2560x1440 is more than enough. Who needs so high resolution for that small screen.

Hey, USB 3 - Apple really is on the cutting edge of technology. I can't believe the hype that surrounds them finally catching up with 3 year old technologies.

Compared to the thunderbolt, yes.. USB3 it's old tech. Nice try Apple hater.

Whenever there's a new computer that comes out, all hardware and software gets redeveloped for the new system and the "older" technology gets ignored. I have a 13" macbook pro, have no problem editing photos or videos on it - except for Adobe's Flash limit of 2880x2880, Premiere Pro's video issue with Nikon's .MOV files, and Premiere not recognizing Grass Valley's HD50 (HDMI to Firewire capture card). I have no problem connecting my computer to a bigger screen for a larger work area or attaching an external keyboard. But when you stop making peripherals for firewire 800 since thunderbolt came out, then we have a problem. I think for every new system that comes out, there should be like 50 updates or improvements made to what's current. For example, improvements to video capture being from 720 (on firewire) to 1080 (on thunderbolt), why not offer 1080 capture on firewire, why do I need to have a new computer with thunderbolt to use 1080 or higher capture on my 13"?

Their sales fell off because people got tired of buying new computers People that do, have to because their old software or hardware (which worked fine)  is no longer supported.

I will have to sell my 5D II and 7D to get 

A little comparison between the US and the Danish pricing on the new Macbook Pro Retina:

The low specced version: $2199 USD in the US and $2,961 USD in Denmark. 
The top specced version: $2799 USD in the US and $3,787 USD in Denmark. 
Somewhat depressing aye!?

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