New Nikon DSLR Rumors Out for 2013

New Nikon DSLR Rumors Out for 2013

NikonRumors just gave us a few more rumors for new DSLR releases to come from Nikon next year. Among them is a claim that the D7000 and D300s lines will be consolidated into one semi-pro body APS-C camera that will sit just between the D5200 and D800...

A D4x, whatever it will be called, will likely include the D800's 36MP sensor or an entirely new -- get this -- 52MP sensor! That's crazy, if you ask me. But it's certainly in the direction in which things are headed. In any case, it will be interesting to see how Nikon handles low light in a camera with a sensor that packed with pixels (it won't be far from the same pixel density as some of these smaller cameras with 20+ megapixels).

Lens rumors are scarce but include the introduction of an even more improved VR system in a new 80-400mm lens that Nikon might introduce. We'll be waiting to hear more on that.

Via NikonRumors

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Pure conjecture due to slow Nikon news. Someone who knows someone at Nikon informed me that Nikon might release a 72MP mirrorless camera with a full-frame sensor and a 14-400mm f/1.4 zoom lens with 8 stops of VR. For $650.  

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Now that gave me a chuckle.

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i am waiting !! ...i am waiting !.........72 Mp...thats kicking ass ! wow ! who needs medium format hasselblad  !! lol ! rock and roll !!

The D300s is way overdue for a refresh

I see this camera permanently chained to a tripod in a studio or dragged through god knows where by a landscape photographer who thought that 36mp just wasn't enough. Have fun trying to stitch those +100mb files together for your HDR panoramas!  But anyway these are just pipedreams until Nikon Rumors gets some solid evidence.

Can't we just get 24mp DX 7fps and 1080 60?

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That's what the D300s replacement will likely be...if Nikon gets it right (who knows about the 1080 60, though...don't know why that's so hard for any of these cameras).

"one semi-pro body APS-C camera that will sit just between the D5200 and D800" Wouldn't this be the D600 right now?

D600 is FX

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Correct. A 24MP 7-8fps body makes perfect sense for Nikon in their current DX lineup. The smaller sensor is cheaper to produce so you can concentrate on high frame rate while the high megapixel count is more than enough. And if you don't care about every inch (or lack there of) of depth of field, APS-C even works in your favor with its 1.5x crop factor. It would be the perfect 'prosumer' camera...and yes, Canon practically already has had this for years with the 7D, but things have come quite a ways since that camera's introduction...

"Among them is a claim that"

 No there wasn't - it was a prediction not a claim.

Can we please just get a 50mm 1.2...