New Rumor: Good News for the Nikon D600!

New Rumor: Good News for the Nikon D600!

A few weeks ago, we sent out the first update on Nikon D600 rumors and expressed disappointment with the probable lack of an internal AF motor. Well, that's now changed...and we have more goodies, too!

Via NikonRumors

The Goods:

- 24.7MP Full-Frame Sensor -- Could it be more perfect?
- 5fps, 2 SD card slots
- ISO 100-6400 (Lo 50 - Hi 25,600)
- Built-in AF motor (so AF-S lenses won't be mandatory)
- 1080p at 30, 35, 24 -- 720p at 60, 50, 30, 25
- HDMI output
- 100% viewfinder coverage for FX, 97% DX
- Just slightly lighter than the D800 (about 800g v. 900g)
- Will likely be weather sealed
- 39 AF Points
- Could be as cheap as $1500! -- D3x was already killed by the D800...but Nikon obviously doesn't mind beating it down further...

The "Bad":

- No built-in GPS -- This goes against what we thought earlier, but honestly, we'd all much rather have an AF motor and a weather-sealed body than a silly GPS chip that few will actually need. That saves most of us a little change, too, since we won't 'have' to buy an external GPS attachment if we don't want to.

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Meet us below in the comments section!

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if that is going to be the price im ready to jump ship from canon!
come to  papa full frame....
unless canon come out with a full frame 7d2 or the like, nikon will be bringing more people over since this is what people are after full frame goodness, i dont care about the argument about lens investment, the great thing about lenses is they hold their value well so sell up and move over. now if only nikon can fix there green tinge on every pic issue

Adam's picture

I agree. It's all rumored, but even at $2000, it's not bad at all (and they could easily get that much for a camera like this)...

Adam Cross's picture

ha! 7D2 would never be full frame. ever. the budget wildlife/sports shooters would go MENTAL at losing the 1.6x crop and film makers aren't always happy with full-frame DSLRs either. 7D2 full frame would also mean an entirely new body design or just use the 5D3 body - which wouldn't happen. - I just can't see Canon bringing out anything cheaper full-frame wise yet. Canon don't like to make things affordable - just look at the prices on their line of accessories (every canon owner knows they're ridiculous) - I can't see them making a more affordable or "entry level" full frame camera. not in the near future anyway

I own a 7d and would love for it to be full frame, but understand the market for it. I'm looking for something which will fit in between the 7d and 5d3 like the 600

Adam Cross's picture

I'm perfectly happy with my 7D how it is - with the 5D3 out now I'll be buying a 5D2 because it's still one of the best cameras on the market and performs incredibly well plus it's price is slowly going down - you could always go for a 5D2 (at the moment it's the only camera that sits between 7D and 5D3). The 600D as well as the 60D are poor cameras, the 70D and t4i/650D are your next new model options - but personally if you want to go full frame and are on a budget - get a 5D2.

 you are right about the 5d2, problem for me is not only pictures that i shoot i also shoot a lot of videos for corporate work etc and the 5d3 for video is a great improvement, the prob with the 5d2 is yes its good but you are investing in old technology im happy with my 7d too but i just cant imagine going back to a really poor 9 point focus system for pictures. maybe its psychological as well i just cant stop wanting a 5d3

Adam Cross's picture

I would only be using the 5D2 for studio work so the poor AF system doesn't worry me so much, I have used a few 5D2's in the past and I haven't found it to be that much of a problem, it's the low-light performance and over-all image quality that I want and the 5D2 suits that just fine for now, a 5D3 upgrade would be good in a year or so when Canon sort out the bugs and have a few firmware upgrades. no doubt the 5D3 is an amazing camera - it's just too much money for a camera that isn't quite right yet

 Adam agree 100% i do a lot of wedding video's and the ability to shoot at 12800 would honestly be one of the most beneficial things at of any new kit out there, im just devastated by the price. the wife just wont let that happen!

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the 5D2 is, again, an excellent piece of kit for wedding videos - - that video showcases the 5D2 very, very well. I know a few wedding shooters who use 7D & 550D and I can't really understand why since they're both poor when it comes to low-light/high iso performance. for the price a 5D2 can't be beaten, so that's my next stepping stone towards the 5D3 / 1DX. I hope your wife comes around soon and you can get the camera you want most! :P

Although. I've never shoot with 5d2 my understanding is that like the 7d anuthimg above 1600 ISP isn't really usablr

Adam Cross's picture

from the video and stills that I've shot with my 7D I try my best to keep the ISO under 800 - anything more than that and I find shadows are plagued with noise, wouldn't dare shoot at 12800 :P haha

 make the jump to Nikon!  You will not regret it!

This seems like a far more sensible camera than the d800 for most except perhaps the studio crowd. But I wonder if the 5 fps will turn into a 8 fps with a battery grip like the d300 did. 

Adam's picture

Yeah...that would be nice. But I don't think it's a power-related issue. At 24MP, it would take a bit more processing umph to crank up higher than 5fps...and that would increase the overall body cost... Just don't get your hopes up, but we'll see. It is supposed to have an all-new grip, after all.

Carlos Garcia's picture

I would love this camera, but I fear it will still be long until it is released. The d800 is not even back in stock. 
Also the ISO could go a little higher, overall for 1500 won't be complaining. 

I'm confused. How can there be 100% viewfinder coverage for FX but 97% for DX when FX is larger than DX?

Yeah, it has to be reversed.

D800 is the same.

Michael Mavor's picture

could they be referring to frame lines in the view finder possibly? 

No framelines it's just black atleast it is on the d700. I think it has got to do with the crop factor and the projection on the mirror/sensor. The black would be what is not covered by the lens. 

i would buy this if the specs are true and keep my d7000 as my second/backup body. specs looks great!

 I was just thinking the same thing when I read the post.

J Dreier's picture

If $1500 is true, I'll fight to be the first in line for this camera. 

This is 90% of the 5DMkIII (plus HDMI out) for 40% of the price. What is Canon going to do???

If this is true, it's a perfect match for me. Oh, please let these specs be correct!

RUSS's picture

if this is true, i will be trying to getting one! :-)

now with even more new wedding photographers!   what will this do to d700 prices?

haha i dunno, but i'm ready for a $1,200 d700!! hahahah

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oh my...I don't care about gps, so I hope it would be a reality , nice to have a camera like that FX for less than $2000  Love you Nikon !!!!

Rodolfo Arechiga's picture

I have been shooting Nikon since I can remember.  What would be nice if they made this camera without  video mumbojumbo!  I would love to have the specs of this camera sans video.  I do not shoot video!  Also, it would be nice if the control buttons were placed like My trusted D200.  

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