New Rumor: Good News for the Nikon D600!

New Rumor: Good News for the Nikon D600!

A few weeks ago, we sent out the first update on Nikon D600 rumors and expressed disappointment with the probable lack of an internal AF motor. Well, that's now changed...and we have more goodies, too!

Via NikonRumors

The Goods:

- 24.7MP Full-Frame Sensor -- Could it be more perfect?
- 5fps, 2 SD card slots
- ISO 100-6400 (Lo 50 - Hi 25,600)
- Built-in AF motor (so AF-S lenses won't be mandatory)
- 1080p at 30, 35, 24 -- 720p at 60, 50, 30, 25
- HDMI output
- 100% viewfinder coverage for FX, 97% DX
- Just slightly lighter than the D800 (about 800g v. 900g)
- Will likely be weather sealed
- 39 AF Points
- Could be as cheap as $1500! -- D3x was already killed by the D800...but Nikon obviously doesn't mind beating it down further...

The "Bad":

- No built-in GPS -- This goes against what we thought earlier, but honestly, we'd all much rather have an AF motor and a weather-sealed body than a silly GPS chip that few will actually need. That saves most of us a little change, too, since we won't 'have' to buy an external GPS attachment if we don't want to.

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Meet us below in the comments section!

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What are you implying that because it's not a 800 it will be soft at the adhesive?! Why on earth would Nikon release a camera that does that?

He somehow thinks that Nikon doesn't want to sell people expensive bodies and lenses... funny. 

 since when the body make the image not sharp???

No. I think they sell the "cheap" body. And i think its a good strategy. So a lot of people will buy more expensive lenses because a lot of their lenses will no work anymor as good as on apsc...

Things are getting too difficult now. Here I'm considering a d400 when it arrives as opposed to a Oly OM-D, and then this comes along. What to do, what to do? When do the rumors say it will arrive?

I wish to switch to nikon d800 but have too many canon equipement. Canon 5Dmk3 is very big dissapointment for me. Better iso performance for stills? That is not becouse new sensor but software (only jpeg - internal software processing). When comparing RAW between mk2 and mk3 there is almost no difference according to ISO. Canon fail for me !!!

ISO 12,800 isn't good enough for you?  Seriously what are you even trying to do dude. 

For most people a decent 6400 is enough. If you regularly need more than that, you're doing it wrong.

Stop shooting weddings with your 3.5-5.6 equivalent kit lens.

I do often club photography, and I try not to do like everybody else with big flash and white face, so 12800 iso is more than useful for me, and I'm not doing it wrong, with a cheap lens & cie ...

Glad I cancelled my D800 order and bought some NEW lenses to use with my D7000! Including a 24-70 F2.8. Gonna pre order this as soon as its announced

One thing that no one is talking about is what sensor tech will be in it? (As in - will it be the same as the D3x (hence the cheap price), or a 24mp version of the new D800 sensor?)

It could be priced at $50 and be not worth buying if it has the noise-ridden, older sensor...

Long time photographer, Olympus OM gear and all... own darkroom, i know a bit or two about processing etc... have a big slides archive... 
But what exactly is full frame or benefits from it?... It's only full frame as compared with 35mm film... what are the exact trade-offs vs APC... would full frame be a Hasselblad like 6X6?... Or are we just thinking things "the old way", pushing old standards and formats just for nostalgia's sake?... 
I'm pretty happy with APC, reasonable trade-off  of quality vs compactness, but I would like to exchange views further on this, for now I think it's all rather academic and irrelevant, the real change would come with affordable digital 6X6, but until then... rather have a good APC body and spare for glass than go all the way to the so called "full frame" and have more weight and lesse money to worry about. Just my 2 cents...

Physically, full frame isn't that much bigger. But as a percentage related to APS-C, full frame gives quite a bit more area that helps by allowing for more space for pixels. This results in more pixels or larger pixels -- essentially, a greater pixel size to pixel count ratio, resulting in better low-light/high ISO/noise performance per pixel. So an 18MP APS-C sensor just won't quite hold up to a full frame 18MP sensor... Other people do appreciate the added shallower depth of field, as those blurry areas look so much 'prettier.' They have a point, but that's less of a concern to me...

Another blow to canon, It becoming harder and harder to justify not making the switch especially since im pretty heavily invested in Canon glass 

What frustrate me is that I just purchased Adobe CS5 and they won't even include Camera Raw with D600 in it as they said D3200 and D800 were the last update... GRRRRR I hate Adobe.... but love their software..

The D600 will rock: check these 5 Reasons why the Nikon D600 will be a great choice for You (and any Pro)

Seems like a logical upgrade from the D7000. I'll wait for it to be used for a few years and then go full frame. 

I've been wanting to upgrade from my D700 to the new D800 but couldn't see where the 36MP would work with my workflow. Haven't been able to find a decent D700 anywhere so having the option of buying a brand new full frame body under 2K is simply amazing. Can't wait for the D600.

SD cards? Why? We all have CF cards.... 

Where would the D400 fit in after the D600? Nikon is finally competing head2head with Canon... D600 looks like a smart move/camera... if specs are right, we'll get one. Along with the Nikon D4..If we can ever find one....