[News] Canon To Reveal New Gear On April 15

[News] Canon To Reveal New Gear On April 15

With NAB just around the corner, the rumor mill has started to spin with regards to what Canon is planning on announcing near the start of the annual video conference held in Las Vegas. Contenders include a 4K DSLR style camera, new cinema lenses similar to those released back in November, or something completely different.

On the heels of the 5D Mark III release, Canon is teasing an "Exclusive Screening" of whatever it is they plan to unveil. I'm hoping for some new 3D printers! Most people are expecting some form of 4K DSLR, with the technology already present, and it being the next logical step forward in competing with the higher end market (looking at you, RED and Sony). Canon's EF Cinema lenses are made for 4K, (and cost around $40,000) so it's entirely possible. Just keep in mind that Sony's F65 is about $65,000, so if Canon goes all out with a camera at that level, you might need to sell your home to afford it. (For the record, the F65 has some amazing features aside from being 4K resolution) Rumors aside, it will be interesting to see where a new DSLR or Video Camera will fit into their current lineup, with the 1DX being their flagship DSLR (and not being too stingy on the video side) and the C300 making waves for the video market. Their price points are about $7,000 and $16,000, respectively. What would you like to see released? Let me know in the comments section! Below is an image from the Canon invitation.

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I'd love to see a smaller, cheaper C300 type camera. With all video functionality and changeable EF lenses. I miss my zebras on my 7D!

1DX and 5D IIIĀ are here, so they can release w/e $40K stuff they want