Nikon Cameras 'Prove' the Earth Is Flat

When it comes to providing evidence for any claim, pictures and videos tend to go a long way. As photographers, many of us have access to some pretty high-end equipment; however, it seems only Nikon cameras can disprove fundament aspects of our reality. 

If you've ever explored the darker corners of the internet and specifically YouTube, you'll find some pretty interesting claims and "theories." One of these is a very popular one about how the Earth is flat. This is crazy, right? I mean, how could anyone believe that the Earth is flat? Well, Nikon has the gear to help us prove this obvious fact with their P900 and P1000 cameras. These cameras offer the ability to zoom right to the edge of the planet. Only with Nikon cameras can you zoom right to the horizon and prove how we have all been deceived. What has Canon ever done aside from giving us cropped 4K video? And don't even get me started on Sony with their overheating, rain-catching toys. Nikon is clearly where it's at, and at 9:23 in the video above, you'll see why these cameras could be called the "flat Earth cameras." 

On a more serious note, the Nikon P900 and P1000 cameras are pretty incredible considering how much of a zoom they offer. A quick search on YouTube will show some of the cool things you can do with these cameras. Finally, I find it interesting how this idea of the Earth being flat is actually quite a recent one. There is a misconception that people in the Middle Ages used to believe the Earth was flat. Suffice it to say, there is no evidence to suggest that any civilization in the history of humanity ever believed the Earth was flat. 

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I feel sorry for these people. Reminds me of the sovereign citizen.

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This is possibly the greatest thing I've ever seen.

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It's REALLY hard for me to believe that people are this stupid... but then again trump was elected so they must be. This just demonstrates how much more important investing in education is than a wall.

Come on down to Oklahoma and see for your self first hand how stupid people can be. The people here protested for teacher and education funding hard core last year then they voted for the guy that will do none of that for governor. The definition of insanity. They have been voting like this for DECADES and keep complaining that nothing is changing. I wonder why? As stupid as these people are, they really are some of the nicest people in country and make awesome food. But man do they love getting taken advantage of by their legislators. We had a surplus of tax funds last year before the over 9 million dollars raised in fees for the medical marijuana licenses. That's just the licenses not even sales tax on medical marijuana yet and they STILL raised taxes. These people voted for it! OKC also Hired more police officers just for ticketing and traffic fines were raised state wide. gotta keep big oil in business i guess. Not only that but we have had legislators that have been caught misappropriating millions in funds, and having sex with kids. These are supposedly the wholesome christian people that this states citizens elect to office time and time again. our infrastructure is literally crumbling. We have to dodge pits and pot holes every day going to work. I have most of them memorized on my route but new ones pop up every month. Don't underestimate stupidity.

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After six minutes, I felt a little queasy but no tie to photography. Moving on.

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Really? That was the connection? :-/

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It's a bit of fun. I'm poking fun at Nikon because their cameras are the favourite ones to use for many flat earther. It's quite a common thing I see when searching flat earth "proof" on youtube. I didn't want to link every video.

It's not fun if you have to explain it lol.

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Sorry. I've never searched "flat earth" and don't know any "flat earthers". Next time I'll know to search for something like that. :-)

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Oh man it's sooo much fun lol.

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the Earth is obviously aspherical ... lol, idiots! hehe

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It's hard to find something interesting to write about during the holidays.

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I'm sure it wasn't your intent but you bring up an important point. While sensor size doesn't directly affect DOF, from a practical standpoint it often leads to that result. In the same way, believing the earth is flat has little or no practical negative implications for those people. It would be difficult to even argue they're wasting their time. If they weren't doing that, they might spend (more) time on social media! :-o

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If Earth was flat, the cats would have already pushed everything off the edge. You have to know cats to understand this flat Earth busting comment. ;-)

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To me the video is both sad, and hilarious. Upon first learning of the conference, I thought it might be fun, or at least interesting to check it out. Having seen this, I'm kinda glad I didn't spend any money on a trip to Denver just for this.

I have a question about the Nikon cameras mentioned since I'm not familiar with those models...what's the deal?
I mean why would these guys make such an issue of these particular cameras?
Is it something about the extra long telephoto lens?
Just wondering.

Deleted Account's picture

I'm guessing the fairly extreme telephoto allows them to photograph things that would be beyond the theoretical horizon, assuming the earth were round. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Heratch Ekmekjian's picture

Thanks for the reply. I'm still not sure why that would mean anything but then again it makes more sense than the idea the earth is flat.

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Without understanding the optical physics involved, it actually does make sense. I can't really say how much sense a flat earth would make, without always having "known" the earth is round-ish. The people in the video don't seem to be particularly well educated. I could make up much more convincing arguments for a flat earth, even knowing it to be untrue.

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My head hurts now.

Deleted Account's picture

I really don't like it when people make fun of other's beliefs, no matter how silly they may seem, but that there was funny! :-)

It is insane to not mock flat earthers. The alternative is to allow them a pedestal. Before you know it, they’re getting a sidebar in school science books like the damned creationists.

Deleted Account's picture

I try to think about what it is I really want to accomplish before doing anything but, of course, you wouldn't have to look at too many of my comments to see how infrequently that happens. :-)
Mocking someone usually causes them to dig in their heels and never even consider your argument, much less accept it. So, there's nothing to be gained there. If your concern is school science books, very few include creationism and that as a result of scientific evidence rather than mocking creationists.
Respectful reasoning, with a dash of humility, will usually win you a friend and possibly a convert.
At the end of the day, you have to decide what you love more: people or feeling superior, which is the only goal of mockery.

Idealism in this day and age is impressive. Unfortunately if idealism got is anywhere we wouldn’t have flat earthers in the first place.

Deleted Account's picture

There are a lot of worse things in the world besides flat earthers. I'm not an idealist – I'm a Christian and I believe it will get me somewhere. :-)

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There's a big difference between mocking someone which I am against vs mocking an idea. Ideas can always be mocked they have no immunity and never should.

No idea is holy and all ideas, thoughts, and beliefs can be mocked.

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I agree there's a difference but just because you CAN mock something, doesn't mean you SHOULD. In the case of comedy, people understand it is in the interest of humor but even that can go too far at times. In my opinion and ONLY in my opinion, there's no other reason to mock ideas. For some commenters, the only motivation I can think of is to hurt people or in retaliation for being hurt, which is regrettable.

As for the video, my only gripe (and reason I stopped watching) is the comment stating a correlation between the flat-earth movement and religion. You might not realize how much grief we Christians get. Maybe you do. Maybe you don't care because, being British, you're better than everyone else! :-) See? That was fake mockery in the interest of comedy. :-)

Usman Dawood's picture

There is no should or shouldn't there is only CAN. You can make fun of any idea or belief. As soon as we start saying should and shouldn't, that's when ideas start to gain unjust value.

"oh you shouldn't make fun of X idea" This is far to close to telling someone you can't, in fact, it's practically the same thing.

You can make fun of something but you shouldn't... why... because people value this idea so you shouldn't... so I can't make fun of it then... well no you can but you shouldn't???

No idea or belief is holy and all are free to be discussed, critiqued and ridiculed. It's not just about comedy but about progress too. Copernicus is a great example of how holy ideas prevented progress for a long time.

Deleted Account's picture

So, if I can force myself to loudly fart at a wedding, there is no should or shouldn't? ;-) I think we probably just disagree on the terms and limitations of should and shouldn't. Without "should" and "shouldn't", "can" leads to the kind of hatred and tribalism that leads to holy ideas and all too common today. I guess Copernicus would approve!?
Oh yeah, lumping "discussed" and "critiqued" with "ridiculed" does them a disservice. If "ridiculed" can't stand on its own, and sometimes it can, it should be discarded.

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