Nikon Officially Announces Development of Mirrorless Camera System and New Lens Mount

Nikon Officially Announces Development of Mirrorless Camera System and New Lens Mount

Following a teaser released yesterday, Nikon has officially announced the development of its new mirrorless camera system. While few details were given, we do have confirmation that the system will unsurprisingly feature a new mount.

Alongside the new mount will come new lenses and an adapter that will allow "a wide variety of F-mount NIKKOR lenses" to be used with the new mirrorless system. The exact language in the press release leaves room for some existing F-mount lenses to not be adaptable to the new system, but there is a good chance that would only extend to some of Nikon's more specialized or older glass. Naturally, autofocus and true optical performance with an adapter have yet to be proven or discussed.

While Nikon did not allude to development of more than one camera, it did discuss the mirrorless camera in terms of a system that could still leave room for a second body (as rumored) to be released after this first one might be announced. Regardless, the development of a new set of lenses for this system was also announced.

Release date, pricing, and actual features will be announced at a later date.

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Yavor Kapitanov's picture

Is this going to stop me from buying the A7 III, unlikely.

user-156929's picture

Good to know. I was a little worried about that. ;-)

user-130251's picture

I was super nervous about it.

christian debney's picture

canon next I guess...

alexdesalta's picture

Nice work with After Effects, is from some Nikon's fan?

Jürgen Rockmann's picture

If you mean Nikon itself with Nikon fan.

Kyle Medina's picture

"The expertise built up through the development of Nikon's digital SLR cameras has also critically contributed to this development."

You mean Sony...

user-156929's picture

Really? How do you figure that?

Spy Black's picture

You realize that even the best Sony DSLR is a pale shadow of DSLR cameras from Nikon and Canon, right?

Omer Salom's picture

You have never used an A99II. Have you? I know, it’s an SLT. But you get the point.

Spy Black's picture

Like I said, Sony's best effort pales in comparison to Nikon and Canon DSLRs. Not even close.

Omer Salom's picture

Ahhhh just because you say so!

Spy Black's picture

No, because decades of experience on the part of both Nikon and Canon in designing effective professional bodies say so.

Omer Salom's picture

So Sony’s Minolta heritage does not count at all and the A99II does not hold a candle against canon’s 5DIV or against Nikon D850. Ok. If you say so.

Do we even have an estimate? This year? 2019?

josep cg's picture

Not officially but this guys seem so accurate based on their previous leaks:

Matt Rennells's picture

From the current rumors, announced officially 8/23 (pre-orders begin), on display at Photokina in late September with shipping to start shortly after. Also, appears to be 2 Nikon mirrorless in the pipeline (45MP ~$3k and 24MP ~$2k ), not sure if only one (probably the 45MP), or both will be announced and displayed then.

Adam Ottke's picture

It’ll probably be out of stock in a year from now ;-)

Will it be available in stores before the D850 is no longer on back order... 😂

Daniel Medley's picture

It had better ship WITH an adapter to use current lenses. If it does not, it will be a yuuuge marketing blunder.

Kevin Shoban's picture

A camera company giving away a free adapter with a new camera? That'll be the day. They will probably make one, then ask for $500-$600 bucks for it (sold separately).

Spy Black's picture

Peter over at Nikon Rumors pointed out that the announcement was made on their 101st anniversary. Nikon is essentially announcing their next phase in life.

josep cg's picture

This guy deserves a lot of credit

The reason I want Canon to release a good mirrorless camera isn’t so I can have a Canon Mirrorless Camera; it’s so I can use my Canon Lenses on a Mirrorless body. If I'm going to use an adapter, I've already got an option of SonyBody+Adapter+CanonLens.

I’m pretty sure a new mirrorless camera means a new mount and new lenses. The focusing distance is too far for our dslr lenses to work without an adapter

Rob Davis's picture

I would guess they'll support AF-S and AF-P lenses with the adapter.

Bill Mcdad's picture

Medium Format?!!

user-156929's picture

This camera won't be but there's speculation, the mount could support it in some future camera.