One of the Cooler Uses of Augmented Reality Will Scare the Daylights out of You

If you've seen the 2002 film "The Ring," you probably have the terrifying scene in which Samara crawls out of a television permanently seared into your memory. Thanks to augmented reality, you can now experience that for yourself and you know, not sleep for a month. 

Augmented reality, though rather neat in concept, has been pretty slow to catch on. The idea is simple: instead of looking at screens, allow us to look at the world normally with the addition of extra virtual elements, such as information about a restaurant you're walking by, Pokémon in a game, or in this case, a terrifying recreation of a classic movie scene that allows you to experience it yourself. In case you forgot the scene or haven't seen the film, check it out below (warning: it's a bit disturbing):

Programmer Abhishek Singh sought to recreate the memorable moment in augmented reality using the Unity platform, and the result (in the top video) is rather unnerving (and I suspect even more so when you're the one wearing the glasses). I see many, many funny pranks in the future of the technology. I also see many sleepless nights in my future after having watched the recreation. 

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Aaron Bratkovics's picture

I wish they didn't fuck up the sequels.

Does anyone know how he was able to run down the hall and still have the software know where the edge of the wall was? Is the technology that good already?

revo nevo's picture

You mean "If you've seen the 1998 film "Ringu"...."

and you mean Sadako Yamamura :p

Paulo Macedo's picture

And then there you are, believing it is your augmented reality VR thing, and BAMM it's a real freaking thing straight outta hell!!