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Panasonic to Release Major Firmware Updates to Lumix S1R, GH5, GH5S, and G9 Cameras

Panasonic to Release Major Firmware Updates to Lumix S1R, GH5, GH5S, and G9 Cameras

Later this month, Panasonic will be releasing extensive firmware updates for their pro mirrorless cameras.

Lumix S1R

  • This update brings CFexpress Type B card compatibility to the Lumix S1R’s XQD card slot which enables 300 percent higher transfer speeds over a conventional XQD card.
  • Profoto wireless transmitters Air Remote TTL-O/P and Connect-O/P will be supported.
  • Sigma L-mount lenses can have Fn buttons assigned in the camera. Lenses mounted with the Sigma MC-21 converter will get improved image stabilization for roll movements.
  • The newly announced Lumix S PRO 70-200mm f/2.8 O.I.S. lens will have its Fn button available to assign in the camera.
  • AF+MF setting can be used in AF-C mode.
  • High-speed video mode can use manually set exposures.

The Lumix S1 will also receive a firmware update that corrects a couple bugs with recording video in V-Log.

Lumix G Series (GH5, GH5S, G9)

  • The Lumix GH5GH5S, and G9 will add Near Shift and Far Shift autofocus functions which can prioritize whether the camera prefers focusing on subjects nearby or far away. Focus peaking can now be used in MF and any AF mode. A new AWBw setting has been added to WB mode. There’s a new Highlight Weighted metering mode. In the Custom menu, a new Exposure Offset Adjust item has been added where users can globally adjust standard exposure values for all metering modes. They’ve also added in a new 0.5 second image auto review option.
  • For just the GH5S and G9, Animal Detect autofocus mode has been added in addition to the Face, Eye, and Body modes for human subjects. Panasonic said, “the focus frame is automatically set on the target subject by analyzing the size and position of the target subject in the viewing image.” Subjects will continue to be tracked even when turned away from the camera.
  • The G9 sees video improvements with an added 4K30p 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording mode and 4K60p 4:2:2 10-bit HDMI output. Luminance levels for 10-bit video is now supported. VFR, HDR, and with a purchased upgrade, V-Log L and Waveform Monitor are available in the G9. Last, the G9 gets a “Mode 2” option in High Resolution mode which reduces motion blur of subjects.

All Lumix S1R, S1, GH5, GH5S, and G9 firmware updates will be released on November 19, 2019 and can be downloaded from Panasonic’s global support website.

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