Peak Design Wants to Bring You the Ultimate Camera Clip: Capture

Peak Design Wants to Bring You the Ultimate Camera Clip: Capture

Peak Design, who launched a successful Kickstarter Project back in 2011, wants to improve on their original camera clip design by making it stronger and more versatile. Their solution? The Capture system. What they're planning looks to be a beefed-up version of the popular Spider Holsters. It clips to belts, bags, backpack straps and the like and allows for easy and secure access to your camera with a tripod-like quick release system.

camera clip front

camera clip back

Ok so here is the rundown on the new, upgraded version of their original clip:
  • There's a Standard and Pro version now: Hobbyists and beginners have different needs than serious pros and adventurers, hence 2 versions of our clip. Read the "Capture vs. CapturePRO" section below to learn more.
  • Beautiful new ergonomic shape: The new Capture looks sleek and stunning - but the new shape is more than just eye-candy. They've redesigned it to give you total comfort no matter where on your body you wear it. They also redesigned the clamping bolts to make them easier to screw down, even if you’re wearing gloves.
  • Lighter and slimmer: We’ve trimmed the fat, making our (already compact) product lighter, slimmer and more unobtrusive.
  • Better security features: We created 2 new secondary locking systems to give you more security options. A safety lock has been added to the quick-release button, giving you a quick and easy way to prevent accidental release. For maximum security, the all-new twist lock tightly clamps your camera in. The new twist lock also stabilizes your camera if you’re using Capture as a tripod clamp.
  • Works as a tripod clamp (PRO): CapturePRO has a ¼” tripod mounting hole in it’s back plate. This means you can put it atop your tripod or monopod and have a fully functioning quick-release clamp for your camera.
  • Works with more tripod heads (PRO): CapturePRO comes with one of our three PROplates. These plates offer compatibility with more tripod heads (ARCA and Manfrotto RC2) and camera types (SLR and Compact Mirrorless).
  • Works with sling straps (PRO): Capture, equipped with the standard plate, is designed to work with Leash and Cuff using our micro-anchor attachment system (see FAQ). CapturePRO, equipped with one of our PROplates, works with Peak Design straps as well as classic sling-style straps made by companies like BlackRapid®. PROplates feature a special load-bearing D-ring that lets you attach your sling strap directly to your camera when you’re not using Capture.

capture regular clip

capture pro clip

So here is what they are looking to build:

all the capture options

Capture: The standard entry-level version of Capture has a glass-reinforced nylon backplate and comes with standard quick release plate.
CapturePRO: The flagship professional version of Capture features an all-aluminum body and comes with one of 3 PROplates. It can be used as a tripod head and is compatible with multiple tripod systems, as well as sling straps and hand straps.

PROpad: This accessory (for all versions of Capture including v1) provides additional support and padding for folks who want to use Capture with heavy camera/lens/battery grip combinations, or those who are just looking for maximum comfort.

GoPro Mount: This accessory lets you use Capture as a mount for your GoPro®. This lets you take POV video from any backpack strap, belt or strap-like object.

The project is already backed over three times what they originally asked for, so the project is already very well funded. You can still back it and get the "early bird" pricing options they are offering over at their Kickstarter page.

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I use this to mount my H4N to my straps. Works well. Sometimes I'll use it to hang my 70-200 on my hip for quick swaps. Good stuff, well built.

Im not sure I'd have enough backend to hold a camera with a 70-200 up...

Looks good for those who would like to use it (I wouldn't but that doesn't mean it's a bad product.) However, they have a strap called the Leash, that is awesome to use and recommend it.

That way you don't need to apply for a "Concealed Carry Permit". Rather it gives you the freedom to impersonate Dirty Harry on DSLR.

However I can hardly believe that the weight doesn't pull your trousers a bit too far south. Not only making you look like a jerk but also get you a charge for indecent conduct in public ... assuming you are wearing underwear. Otherwise things might even get worse.

Awesome product, if i wasn't WATCHING the video, i'd think it was an Apple video for their newest product....well, minus Jony Ive's british accent lol

I have two of these and hook one to the strap of my camera bag, sling it over my shoulder, and keep my camera right at my chest so when I am walking around, I can quickly click it off and shoot - the strength of these things is amazing and I never worry about it falling off.

This is what I need :D

will my camera pull down my pants?


I am sold.

I'll stick to my BlackRapid. I consider it reliable and comfortable for me.

I ordered one up, looking forward to it..

But if I have a 70-200 F2.8, I thought its bad to have the weight on the camera body as it puts a lot of stress on the neck of the lens and the connection point. Else it would really be cool to have a telephoto hooked like that.