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Polaroid Originals Releases Upside-Down 'Stranger Things' Special Edition Camera

Fans of "Stranger Things" have a new collectible available to them, and it's perfect for photographers. Though nothing too groundbreaking, lovers of this cult show are bound to get excited by this special edition camera release.

This week, Polaroid announced the release of Polaroid Originals OneStep 2: Stranger Things Edition. The font and printed designs on the camera face are upside-down, a nod to the dark alternate realm of the same name in the hit series released on Netflix. This new toy comes in anticipation of the third season of the show, which premieres July 4, 2019.

Image via Polaroid Originals

Another tweaked feature on this model is a flash with extra luminous power, "developed in collaboration with Hawkins National Laboratory." As an alternative to the standard 600 and i-Type film the camera takes, consumers can purchase special edition film, complete with a variety of frames representing iconic locations from the series.

An example of the collectible iType film border. Photograph by Edie Sunday, via Polaroid Originals

The camera retails for $109.99 USD and can be purchased online via at B&H. The features listed on its page boast "high quality lens, 60-day battery life, powerful flash to kill monsters, and self-timer function."

"Sometimes people don’t really say what they’re really thinking. But you capture the right moment, it says more." - Jonathan Bryers, Stranger Things

Images used with permission from Polaroid Originals.

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Jordan McChesney's picture

It’s a shame it’s just the frame. It would have been cool it they found a way to make the images as eerie as the show.

Scott Mason's picture

I would have loved to see that as well!

Tom D's picture

Perhaps they could have the prints come out UPSIDE DOWN! That would be so cool.

Ben Sanchez's picture

Despite what Polaroid Originals advertises, this model of the One Step is no different than any other One Step. The flash is the exact same as the lineup. They advertised this model as if it was originally being released in the 80's....
Hope they sell alot though, Keep my Polaroid and Spectra cameras well fed for years to come