Pre-Order the Nikon D850 Now for September Delivery

The Nikon D850 was announced tonight. With an extremely high-resolution 45-megapixel sensor, 7-plus fps shooting, and a ton of professional improvements to its predecessor, this really is the camera to do it all — and the price is on the low end of previous estimates at $3,296.95. Pre-orders are now up and are promised to begin shipping in September with free expedited shipping.

The D850 is Nikon's newest flagship full-frame DSLR. While some might argue the D5 still holds that title, it really only holds the title of most expensive at this point. In reality, the D5 is now best described as a high-end specialty sports camera when compared to the D850, which is suited for just about everything else including landscapes, fine art, sports, portraiture, wedding and event work, and more.

Read the announcement post for all the details on Nikon's newest body and pre-order yours now to get in line early.

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Giles Rocholl's picture

Pre-order from who though?...if you pre-order you will pay top prices. If you wait until it's released and widely available you can find out who is charging the least and purchase from them surely?

Adam Ottke's picture

Of course, you can always wait for prices to drop. But for anyone that wants to upgrade soon, they can do so with a pre-order. Everyone is going to charge the same price (within a few dollars) for the first six months or so, minimum, most likely.