Profoto Introduces a New Flash Trigger: Profoto Connect

Profoto has introduced a brand-new wireless trigger for Profoto AirTTL lights. This new compact trigger has a button-free design and it’s compatible with the Profoto app.

At first glance, the new Profoto Connect is a small and lightweight wireless trigger that can control the Profoto AirTTL lights either in manual or auto mode. The trigger has a three-way rotating switch on it, and the flash settings can be controlled on the manual mode via smart connectivity with the Profoto app. The auto mode allows shooting with automatic flash power. This tiny device comes with a rechargeable, built-in lithium polymer battery that lasts up to 30 hours.

Profoto Connect supports all major Profoto Air features, including the TTL and High-Speed Sync (HSS) modes. The device’s firmware can be upgraded via Bluetooth by using the Profoto app. However, the Profoto app is only available for iPhone 7 and newer models running on iOS 11 and later.

Profoto Connect is currently available for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, and Olympus cameras and compatible with most of the recent camera models. Unfortunately, Profoto didn’t introduce product variants that support Pentax, Hasselblad, Leica, Panasonic, or Phase One camera systems. You can check the detailed camera compatibility on the product page. The retail price of Profoto Connect is $299 USD.

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Deleted Account's picture

I just bought into ProFoto after reading Lee blab on about it and costing me money damn you Lee you..

Anyway, Love the B10. Not got the foggiest idea why they brought this thing out. Seems a bit of a fuss to smartphone adjust things rather than just go with the Air Remote. Will look into it anyway as I'll be working with Profoto Belux soon.

Cue the Godox fan club to tell us all that it's all a ripoff anyway. ;)

Aren't they made for different purposes?

Like, Godox is supposed to be more affordable, whereas ProFoto is supposed to be very innovative and somewhat pricey. I bought a Godox V860 because it was cheap, and effective for its price, not because it was the most innovative one in the world.

Everything has its place, no?

Motti Bembaron's picture

The thing is, the Godox V860II is a better flashes than the Nikon SB-910 (and definitely the SB-900). Being cheap does not make them second rate.

They are built well and perform VERY well. I bought them because they do exactly everything the Nikon strobes did and much better (built in radio, Li-Ion battery, knob free swivel head).

Motti Bembaron's picture

What a bad idea. Now we need to grow more hands to handle phones and tablets...oops, sorry, I mean iPhone and iPads. This exclusive, posh and privileged gizmo doesn't work with just any common phone or tablet. :-)

A case of more appearance than substance.

Luke Adams's picture

I like the form factor, but why the heck would I want to have to connect a smartphone to adjust settings when I could just do it on the remote previously. Major face palm.

Rob Fry's picture

That price LOL

Reginald Walton's picture

It's Profoto LOL

Just tell me when the Godox knock-off will be available.

Spy Black's picture

This is pretty dysfunctional, not sure if Godox would copy it. If anything they may design a compact unit with all the controls on it, which is what you really need.

why would godox make such garbage?

Guy Daudelin's picture

Profoto website explains exactly the market they are aiming for with this device :

"Because when you remove all the buttons and complexity, you have more room to be creative and focus on getting the shot you want.

Audrey Woulard, originally a natural-light shooter, had tried flash in the past but thought it was too complex and only slowed her down."

Plenty of people pissed about it because they miss the point of the device. It's not meant to be a replacement for the other remotes made by Profoto. It's made to try and win over the momtographers who are afraid of using flash when they're doing lifestyle portraits outside. Removing all buttons make it seem simple and easy to use. This is a huge market segment, I would probably say the biggest in photography world today.

Of course, to pro photographers who understand how flash works, it's a laughable idea.

Motti Bembaron's picture

I assume you will also need one of their really "affordable" speed light, right? What mom will spend a minimum of $1,300 on a flash and trigger?

Guy Daudelin's picture

Well, Profoto seems to be banking on that. People can shell out a bunch of money when they think something can simplify their life (and their business).

«“…You have more room to be creative and focus on getting the shot you want.

Audrey Woulard, originally a natural-light shooter, had tried flash in the past but thought it was too complex and only slowed her down.”»

I think those sentences contradict each other. When I was a young photographer, I, too, was a natural-light shooter. I found a strobe made me more creative and allowed me to get the shot I wanted. On a bright day on the beach, I would have my Sunpak Auto 555 Thyristor with me (back when Sunpak was a respectable name in flashguns).

Guy Daudelin's picture

I don't think this is comparable. The main selling point of this device is that it's "automatic" (TTL). Paul C. Buff has never done TTL to date. Maybe it's comparable on the form factor, it's tiny.

Akpe ododoru's picture

How can PCB have this device when none of their lights have TTL or internal receiver?

Johnny Rico's picture

This one is really a head-scratcher. Profoto keeps straying farther and farther from their roots.

EDIT: I'm impressed with how many down votes and criticism their YouTube videos are getting. Honestly their branding/marketing jargon is really disingenuous. "Natural Looking Light" No, thats called TTL.

Look up their promo's on the Connect and Audrey Woulard, I dont see how this doesn't hurt their brand. Look at how we took a natural light photographer and had her use Our Profoto natural light trigger to make these natural looking photos. The photos are quite hilarious.

Mikael Pettersson's picture

If you have profotos that dont support the app you get them working with the app. Great for studio control.

Tony Clark's picture

Informative video!

Kirk Darling's picture

I know I'm an old fart, but I'm just not that anxious to control EVERYthing through my phone.

Studio 403's picture

I need old man privilege! Donate to me, rant of the day

Rod Kestel's picture

Dumb question: why don't camera bodies have wireless triggers? (ie radio, not IR)

Johnny Rico's picture

The proprietary nature of it. Just like how Profoto used to have built in Pocket Wizard receivers in their packs. Then they abandoned that when they rolled out their own radio triggers. Would they support Pocket Wizard, Profoto, Elinchrome, ect.

Then you'd get into issues of limited range from the antenna being inside the alloy body, instead of up extending away from the camera.

Spy Black's picture

I'm surprise a flash communication standard has never been proposed by the photographic industry.

Rod Kestel's picture

Typical tech corporate behaviour, it's plagued IT since the beginning.
I wonder if some smart people could build a multi-platform trigger.

Actually Phase One XF bodies have Profoto Air built right in. The Previous DF and DF+ Bodies had it build into their optional hand grips.

because of greed.

Hans Rosemond's picture

Yeah....don't get it. I mean, it's cute and all, but if you wanted a full auto mode, why not just add that functionality to the remotes that already exist? Its like making a 5D Mark IV with only P Mode.

Nicolas Meunier's picture

??? It already there... TTL is the name ;) The air Connect is mainly for people who wants to see no button. As a matter of fact... I have a Connect, in addition of a Air Remote, A1X, 2 B10 and B4. The Connect is perfect to have a backup remote or to be very very light. It use a battery rechargeable on USB-C, so no problem to charge it everywhere.

Too soon. It isn't April 1st yet

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